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Rob Jones exit interview

Final sole commissioner/first commission chair for Pickens County reflects on 16 years in the top post 


 The Progress front page on December 27, 2012 when Rob Jones officially became the first chair of a multi man commission for Pickens County. He is shown with then-Probate Judge Rodney Gibson, and commissioners Becky Denney and Jerry Barnes. 

     To start the interview, it was pointed out that under his tenure the county either built or remodeled the administration building, the courthouse, the community center at Roper Park, the recycling center, the Public Works department and all the fire stations. 

So, every county building except the jail was built while you were in office? 

That’s interesting I hadn’t thought about it, but I yeah, I guess I did and I actually finished the jail. [Former Commissioner Billy Newton] started it, but I was in office when it was finished and took care of working out the payments for it.” 

See the full exit interview with Rob Jones in this week’s print and online editions.