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CARES Commits to Satisfy Hunger for Broadcast Sports

From croquet to tricycle racing, local food pantry launches unique fundraiser


     CARES is known for “Sharing Love and Life’s Essentials.” The organization exists to help meet the basic needs of those going through a tough time. Of late, times have been tough for all of us. And, with last week’s devastating news that the Ivy League has called off fall sports, many Pickens County residents have found themselves coming unglued. The idea of being denied the opportunity to see Dartmouth line up against Brown has sent them over the edge. To ease violent broadcast sports withdrawals and beat back depression, many have resorted to watching old VHS tapes of Turkish Camel Wrestling.

The team of broadcast professionals at Who CARES?!? Studios simply cannot stand idly by in the midst of such suffering.

On July 20, the Who CARES?!? Sports Network will begin broadcasting LIVE their soon-to-be world renown Facebook Live Monday Night Sports Spectacular. July 20: Mayor Steve Lawrence will go head-to-head with CARES Executive Director Chris Rumble in a No Holds Barred Croquet Match to the Death*. Time: 6:00pm. Place: Rotary Music Park at Roper Park.

July 27: Senior Minister Greg Meadows of Jasper United Methodist Church will line up against Senior Pastor Preston Jones of First Baptist Church in a Winner Take All Obstacle Course Tricycle Race to the Death*. Time: 6:00. Place: TBA.

August 3: Joy House Executive Director Steve Lowe will take on Chris Rumble in a Rip Roaring Mystery Ball Home Run Derby to the Death*. Time: 6:00. Place: Rotary Music Park at Roper Park.

Dave Garner, the famed voice of the Berry College Vikings and ETC Legend, will be doing the play by play. Each event will feature a half-time extravaganza directed by Maestro Clara Pantazopoulos. Each event will be kicked off by the singing of the National Anthem. Our singer for July 20 will be Jodi Stancil Deetlefs.

Of course, aside from meeting the need for Pickens residents to watch broadcast sports, these events will be designed to raise money to help those in need in Pickens County. As the COVID 19 crisis extends and businesses are hindered and individuals are unable to work, CARES desires to continue to “Share Love and Life’s Essentials.

Those who attend the events in person (while social distancing) can give a donation of any size. Those who watch on Facebook Live can simply click the donate button. Find the event at Chris Rumble’s Facebook page. Donations can also be received at our web site. 

For more information, please visit

*Participants most likely will be completely fine following these competitions. Research data indicated that CARES would garner more interest if the phrase “to the death” was added to the name of each game.