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Over 200 turn out to “Back The Blue”

back the blue

photo/Max Caylor 

A big turnout, with hats off and hands on heart during the National Anthem, thanked law enforcement at a rally Sunday at the courthouse on Main Street. More photos at our e-edition

By Max Caylor

Progress contributor

    Social media posts helped draw over 200 flag waving and sign carrying  citizens to Sunday afternoon’s “Back the Blue” event at the Courthouse.                

     Organizer Klayton Harris said,“after seeing what has happened in Atlanta I wanted the community to come together and support our police.”


      The gathering had the feel of a southern revival with a fervent prayer by Ricky Dean, Bible quoting and spirited singing of our national anthem. 

Former FBI Special Agent Derek Somerville was the first featured speaker and somberly reminded the gathering there are 22,000 names on the National Law Enforcement Monument who have lost their lives in the line of duty protecting the community.  

He called the gathering to a greater understanding of life by stating, “if you believe in life, believe in those who serve and protect it.”

Bill Craig, a 34 year police veteran, spoke with a voice of experience. In his heartfelt call for supporting officers he brought the reality of humanism to the rally reminding them there is always one percent that dishonors the badge.

The last speaker entertained the crowd by asking them to call out fake news if he read something that was not true in their minds. One of the several lines he read was, “rioting and destroying public and private property is a great way to get your voice heard” and the crowd loudly shouted “fake news.” His point was for people “to come together and not let their voices go unheard.”

Kathy Cowan saw Klayton’s post and volunteered to help organize the rally because she is from a police family. “We have been quiet too long and our police need our support.”

One overlapping theme throughout the rally was said by retired officer Bill Craig, “the police are not our enemy.”