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Amicalola Garden Club says Victory Gardens are not a thing of the past anymore due to COVID-19

garden beginning beds ready

 Some of the raised bed gardens started by members of the Amicalola Garden Club. Some are from last year and some newly established.

Unusual times call for adaptation. The Victory Gardens have emerged from the past again. That is what our members of the Amicalola Garden Club did when the COVID-19 virus hit the U.S. When times got tough, our members got to growing. They also enjoyed their gardens and handled their shelter-in-place in different ways.

With the uncertainly of food availability, they created new raised bed gardens. Some replanted established raised beds with vegetables and herbs. Some planted vegetables in their flower gardens alongside their flowers. This ensured that they would eat their safe food and not food that was contaminated by the virus. This also ensured that they had

food to eat or can. 

Who knew how this epidemic would end or if it would end. Adapting to this situation was the key to survival. If there was a silver lining to this virus, it would be that it made its debut in the spring. These beautiful flowers and bountiful harvest is evidence of God's promise to us. As we all have been forced to slow down and smell the roses, everyone has had time to reflect on matters of life.

We also had members use their time to reflect on people that planted those flowers that they are now enjoying. These flowers have helped their memories stay alive.

We all handled our quiet time in our various ways, but our surroundings were beautiful to enjoy and did bring us a sense of peace and comfort.

Through all of this also, we were not afraid to share and help each other out. Isn't that what a true gardener would do? We all have this common thread of gardening.