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COVID-19 cases here up slightly

Conference call among public safety officials show slow Easter weekend.

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Staff reports


During a conference call among public safety and top elected officials in the county and Jasper on Monday, most of those reporting said everything was slow and calm. No one reported any particular issues over the Easter holidays and it appeared that even the previous rise in domestic dispute calls had calmed somewhat.

Georgia State Patrol commander Tim Nichols said state troopers have been tasked with enforcing the governor’s emergency ordinance mandates, but they didn’t have complaints or make any calls to churches over the Easter weekend “and I’m glad it didn’t happen.”

Nichols told the leaders via teleconference that “ [The GSP] had cancelled our days off. They were worried about gatherings, but everything was quiet.”

He said most of the calls they get on the shut-down regard businesses that are still operating.

During the call, public safety officials said they are still having problems getting state-supplied personal protective equipment but they have found other sources and are working to conserve what they had. State Rep. Rick Jasperse, who was on the call, said he would look into that issue at the state level.