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Nelson adopts a new seal

nelson seal new

Ralph O. Dennis

Contributing writer


The Nelson City Council approved a new seal for the city at their called meeting Thursday, August 15. 

The old seal that had a depiction of the marble quarry in the center is gone. The new seal will have a depiction of two men facing each other with tools in their hands prying apart two blocks of marble. In the background is a mountain. This seal is more related to the “mill” in Nelson than the quarry in Tate. The council also adopted new signage for the city limits and the buildings.

Council was presented a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to review and vote on. This memorandum establishes guidelines for a relationship with Cherokee County for them to contract road work. The memorandum finalizes the agreement between the two entities. Council approved it. 

In other news from Nelson:

Once the MOU was approved, council member David Hamby suggested that the city rethink the striping on Old Hwy 5. The council recently voted to spend $12,000 to re-stripe that road using highly reflective, long lasting materials. Hamby suggested that since the road has potholes that need to be fixed and that portion may need repaving soon, the city should go with the less-expensive method and save money. 

Mayor Sylvia Green said she would have the county come out and look at it and make their recommendation. This will be covered at the next council meeting.

Council reviewed quotes for work to be done at the park adjacent the water tower. The old concrete supports for previous tanks need to be removed as well as several trees whose roots are growing through the concrete. Holcomb Grading & Hauling provide council with an estimate of $7,725 for clearing work at the park, which council voted to approve.

Hamby stated that he would like to see plans for the renovations on the park before he would vote to approve any other work. Mayor Green told the council that preliminary designs should be presented at the September council meeting.

When the meeting adjourned, council members went to the park to discuss future plans.