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Woodstock Church Jasper breaks ground on new building


Members of Woodstock Church Jasper gathered Sunday to officially break ground on an 8,200 square-foot building adjacent to their current location.

Members of Woodstock Church Jasper gathered Sunday evening to hold a worship service/ ground breaking for an 8,200 square-foot, modern church.

The new site will be adjacent to the current church on Highway 53 in Hill City where they were asked to take over the operation of a small Baptist church there in 2013.

Executive Pastor Jim Law thanked members who had been there with Mt. Hope Community at the time they asked Woodstock Baptist to take over their church. A number of the large crowd at the Sunday service raised their hand indicating they had been members of the former church and continue to be involved.

Rev. Law said since that time Woodstock Church Jasper has grown to the point it would now rank in the top 8-10 percent of all Southern Baptist Convention churches in their membership and baptisms every year.

Rev. Eddie Rhodes, who leads Woodstock Church Jasper, said when they started six years ago they had 67 people attend their first service. Now they average around 320 at their Sunday services.

And church members believe that number will grow with the new building.

Rhodes, who was on staff of the mega-church in Woodstock when they came here, said they had made their mission clear right off the bat: to worship God; love people; teach how to serve Jesus -  and they remain committed to those principals.

Rhodes said they have worked to instill the Woodstock DNA here.

The new church will be built by general contractor Glynn Galloway, owner of GCCI contracting. Galloway moved to Jasper 14 years ago to build the medical office of Dr. Anil Yadev on East Church Street and liked the area so much he and his wife decided to retire here. But he has not retired and remains active in large contracting projects, including several churches over the past few years, saying that “God still had plans for him.”

The church building planned for Hill City will be 8,200 square-feet with stone and metal façade. It will seat 284 comfortably and they could squeeze in 400, Rhodes said during the groundbreaking service. It will include a secure kids are and other meeting areas.

“This building is not just a church. It’s an awesome tool for ministry. We are the church,” Rhodes told the assembled members.

The building is budgeted at $1.2 million and expected to take about a year to complete. Earthwork is already well underway.

Rhodes reminded his church members, “that not just a few people have been involved. All of us are working in unity to do what God has called us to.”