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Bigfoot sighting reported between Ellijay and Blue Ridge

     BigfootDrawing / Photo

The man who reported a bigfoot north of Ellijay picked this sketch out of an online database as being most similar to the creature he saw.

       Expedition: Bigfoot! [The Sasquatch Museum] Owner David Bakara takes Bigfoot sightings very seriously, and as head of the bigfoot reporting center for Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Florida he gets his fair share of sighting calls. 


Since the Blue Ridge museum opened just over three years ago, Bakara has received reports of over 200 sightings in Georgia alone, which he documents on a map on public display at the museum/research center. On May 22, Bakara made a Facebook post about a sighting that had been reported to him earlier that week in Cherry Log, between Ellijay and Blue Ridge. As of the next Tuesday, the post had over 4,000 shares and 2,600 comments from both passionate believers and passionate skeptics of the controversial creature.

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