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County gets head start on icy winter roads

brine IMG 3740

Damon Howell / Photo


      The county was busy last Wednesday morning mixing the first batch of brine with their newly-installed equipment. The system will allow the county to produce their own salt solution in-house, which means they can make as much as they need to treat Pickens County roads before storms hit. In years past, brine would be trucked in from other counties— causing roads to ice over before it could be delivered. Director of Utilities Phillip Dean (pictured) said the new equipment makes it possible to get a jump on predicted storms as soon as they hit Alabama.

     Around 4,000 gallons can be mixed and stored in an hour. 19,000 gallons of brine will be stored at the county public works location on Camp Road, 5,000 gallons at Carlan Road, and 5,000 gallons at Monument Road. Having storage in these locations will allow the roads to be treated in a timely manner. Dean said the system will pay for itself in two years, compared to buying brine from outside the county.