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100-year-old Herbert Brimer says “stay cool, you’ll live longer”


    Albert Hamrick, of the Palace Barber Shop, gives Herbert Brimer a haircut on his 100th birthday.

    Herbert Brimer of Bent Tree crossed the century mark last Wednesday by getting a haircut at the Palace Barber Shop, Mark Whitfield Street, and then having lunch with children and grandchildren.
    While barber Albert Hamrick worked on his hair, Brimer took a few questions on the wisdom he has picked up in his 100 years.

    “Stay cool,” Brimer advised. “You’ll live longer that way.”
    With the temperatures this summer, Brimer’s advice applies perfectly to both life and weather.
    Brimer grew up in Atlanta and recalled riding his bike over to Peachtree Street to play in the massive sand pile on the construction site of the Fox Theatre.
    “The biggest change I have seen is in the culture of Atlanta,” he said. “It’s completely untrustworthy now. I used to send my kids downtown by themselves. There’s no way I would do that today.”
    While Hamrick continued working on his hair, Brimer recalled working as a cook with the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) from 1934-1936 during the Depression. He had attended an anniversary of the CCC a few years back at Vogel State Park and there were only two people of his groups there. “Me and one other person,” he said.
    Brimer served in World War II before beginning his long career in civil service at the Department of Defense. He retired in 1976, moving to Bent Tree in 1998.
    Brimer said he used to enjoy playing golf and was active with his workshop, building bird houses, toys and some furniture when he was a little younger.
    Now he enjoys spending his time reading and keeping up with events on an iPad.
    When asked what he planned to do after lunch to celebrate 100 years, Brimer said he would “probably go home and rest.”
    Hamrick gave Brimer a free haircut on his birthday and also sprang for lunch. The barber said he has enjoyed having Brimer as a longtime regular.