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Beaver opens 4th Bojangles restaurant Friday

"I’m thinking about biscuits all the time. Every day except Easter and Christmas I think about biscuits," said franchise owner


     Beaver is set to open her fourth Bojangles restaurant this Friday in Towne Lake. Beavers is pictured with her family and management team at her flagship Jasper location. From left - Trent Holden, sister-in-law and training manager; Kasea Mashburn, sister; Roger Stroupe, district manager; Kristal Beaver; Peige Payne, field marketing manager; and Dusty Mashburn, brother and training manager.

    “It’s a miracle story and I just want Him to get all the glory,” said Kristal Beaver, owner of the Jasper Bojangles and who this Friday will open her fourth restaurant, this one in Towne Lake. Beavers, who credits all of her success to God, has additional locations in Riverstone and Hickory Flat.

    Beaver, a 1998 graduate of Pickens High School, opened the Jasper Bojangles in 2006. She has been in the restaurant industry since she was 14 years old, starting out at the Woodbridge Inn before moving to Waffle House in 1995. At 36, Beaver has been serving Pickens County for 22 years.
    Beaver became interested in the Bojangles franchise while being on the road as part of her job with Waffle House.
    “In my previous life with Waffle House I traveled around and I always stopped at Bojangles - I loved the food. I never knew our biscuits were hand made or our tea was steeped the old-fashioned way - I just knew it was good. When I discovered the quality that was behind it I knew it was what I wanted to do.”
    Beaver said she was further encouraged after discovering the company’s values coincided with those she learned growing up in the Pickens community.
    “This community that raised me, they taught me the value of hard work and a service heart and when I researched the Bojangles brand and found that hard work, trust, harmony and family atmosphere was part of their values I knew it was for me.”
    Interviewing Beaver Tuesday morning at the local restaurant about her upcoming Towne Lake opening, proved a little challenging because so many of her customers love her so much they walk up to her, giving hugs and talking. One man approached the table for a hug and said, “This is one of the best small business owners in Pickens and Cherokee counties.”
    Another lady, there with her family celebrating her daughter’s birthday, dropped by our table to bring us each a slice of birthday cake (absolutely divine by the way). It’s clear Beaver’s customers love and respect her.
    The restaurant business brings long hours for Beaver since her stores are open 5 a.m. until 10 p.m. daily.
    “Those hours are seven days a week - and I’m thinking about biscuits all that time. Every day except Easter and Christmas I think about biscuits,” she said.
    As her franchise grows, Beaver, a mother of three, said as her business grows she is continually finding ways to balance work and home. 
    “After all these years I still love what I do and I love being in communities where we can serve, where we know our customers’ names and support the schools.”
    Beaver is married to Scott, a chiropractor in Canton. They have three children, the oldest of which is already training in the business.
    “On Saturdays she has been working in the dining room. Our prayer is to pass this business onto them.”