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More love. Less hate.

     I love you mommy.
    I’m going to die.
    Imagine reading those words in a text from your child. It’s unimaginable.
    Mina Justice’s son wrote those words to his mother as he sat crouched in a bathroom hiding for his life from a hate-filled maniac. Her son, 30-year-old Eddie, was one of the 49 people to die in the Orlando nightclub Pulse in the early morning hours of Sunday. Eddie texted his mother, pleading for help while trapped in the club’s bathroom. “In the club. They are shooting. Please call the police. I’m going to die.”
    In a world riddled with horrors, the overwhelming feeling now coming out of the Orlando tragedy where so many lost their lives or were injured, the one thing that now resonates: More peace. Less hate.
    While the world tries to come to grips with what happened and what led a deranged 29-year-old man to walk into a club where people were dancing and enjoying life and kill 49 people and injure another 53, let us remember the victims and the families left behind. They deserve our love and compassion. They were mothers, fathers, dancers, students, couples.
    While people all over the world express their heartbreak over the tragedy, those in Pickens also took to social media to show their support for the people of Orlando who lost their lives.

    Today's massacre hit me harder than many. I'm happy and grateful today to be spending a few hours in one of the most tolerant and open minded cities on earth (New York) and I'm privileged to be able to have that freedom as an American. Cheers to love, open mindedness, and tolerance for good and steadfast unity against hate. ❤
--- Valerie Boehm

    I will be going to Orlando next week to donate blood, march, hug and anything else I can do to demonstrate Peace, Hope and Love in this world. I welcome anyone to come and join me. #prayforOrlando
--- Mike Martin

    This is not a day to debate the police response. This is not the day to debate the location it happened. This is not the day to debate gun control. I turned on TV for about three minutes and that was all I could stand. This is a day to pray. Pray for the families. Pray for the law enforcement, EMS, Firefighters, Nurses and Doctors who respond to this situation. Finally, pray for our country. This isn't who we are.
--- Allen Wigington
    As I mourn today for the victims of the "Pulse" club shootings, I would like to remind anyone with hatred in their hearts against the Queer community --- we do not fear you, and you will not change us. A rainbow never hides, nor does it run--it only shines bright to unite all those in its presence. The Queer community is the Rainbow, and we will stand strong and persevere against any and all who would do us harm. Continue to shine with love and pride my daulings.
--- Daniel Picklesimer

    Coming from a law enforcement and event security background. I spent more years than I care to think about protecting those who were just simply trying to leave their day to day struggles and pressures behind them, and enjoy themselves for an evening. No one deserves to have this happen to them. No one. We must all remind ourselves and others that hate will never conquer love. Fear will never overcome the goodness that everyday people across the country have for each other. It’s past time to love one another and put the rhetoric, anger and hatred behind us.
    ---Chris Childers

    Why? How? I just don’t understand the hate in the world today. Please pray for Orlando and all the families involved.
---Letisha Crowe

    There is not one person on this earth that is not both sane and insane. Just depending on the day and situation. We all got dark spots. Given the right buttons pushed you, me and all else are capable of things we would not believe or want to think about. But the thing I want to know is what is happening in this world today? There is a special breed of crazy loose now.
---Billy Roper

Praying for Orlando, Fl. and each and everyone of us during this difficult time. God is about love, not hate.
---Darrin Satterfield