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This Week's Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

Communism and Democrats

I do not understand why a political party like the Democratic Party would morph into a pattern of thought that is communistic in its conclusions. I am sure that someone will answer this letter and try to patiently tell me that I have it totally wrong and that I am just ignorant about complex issues like this. “Gary you are from north Georgia and do not understand the ways of the big world.” 

I freely admit that I was never much of an academician. I was lucky and went off to a couple of good schools. They were more than enough for me. I can use the word epistemology in a sentence correctly for whatever that is worth. But I did not earn my living from what I learned in college. Most of what I know worth knowing, I learned working out in the world, 

The college intellectuals sat around and discussed theories about working and living. They did not really work but lived off other people's money. They were they were the ones that  reinvented the idea of modern communism. 

The problem with communism, and its close cousin socialism, is pretty simple.  “When everything belongs to everybody, nobody takes care of anything.” General sorriness spreads like kudzu and the whole thing grinds into the dirt. Everybody gets to be miserable alike. When people get miserable they get mean.  And when you get mean, blood runs.

Any government that has called itself communist has been the most brutal and bloody of all governments. They killed tens of millions of people. No killing machines have ever come close to matching their rivers of blood.

A party which I used to vote for has gone crazy. They believe in communism. You can see their handiwork in all the major cities where they hold office. That is their vision for the whole country. Chaos first, power second, then brutal repression.

Gary Pichon


To the Editor:

Last year my wife and I purchased a lot in Bent Tree with the expectation of building our retirement home there in a couple of years. Shortly after the purchase I began an online subscription to your paper and I enjoy reading it every week. I must thank you for todays editorial, “Keep it Civil, People.” It was well written but more important, it was a call to reason during a period of simply awful public discourse. I look forward to more. Thank you again.

John Barger


To the  Editor:

Energy companies like BP and Shell targeting future carbon emissions reductions is good news because it bridges the gap between the viral outbreak and the long term threat of fossil dependence. It is doubly encouraging to witness the coming of age for "net-zero strateg(ies)." ...


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