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Letters to the Editor

This Week's Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:

Your Uncle Bill here. What’s all the hullabaloo?

     Democracy? One of those long words that professors talk about, right? Nothing to do with me. I just have the right (it says so somewhere) to pick the people who get to run the government, who get to make laws and spend my tax money and fix the roads and run the fire department and…all that stuff. They tell me everybody gets to do that, to vote? I’m not sure I like that. I’m smart enough to pick one politician over another one, but not everybody is. So maybe only some of us get to vote, right? Who decides that?

We quit kings a couple hundred years ago, they tell me, and you never know who a dictator—plenty of them in the world—will decide to throw in the dungeon tomorrow, even if I don’t mind who he’s throwing in the dungeon today. Those dictator guys only look after number one, and he might decide tomorrow that I’m not kissing his, uh, boot with enough passion, and then boom—I’m out.

So how do I keep it so I get to decide? And what about my idiot neighbor, who never votes the way I do? I don’t like it when a vote doesn’t go my way. So I could try to make it so my neighbor can’t vote—but he might do the same to me. What to do?

Undecided but sure I’m right. —Uncle Bill.

G. David Robinson


To the Editor:

The Fall line is where the Piedmont region in Georgia meets the coastal plain. The land slopes down from North to South. Because of the presence of rivers, there are many waterfalls along the line that is about 20 miles wide. 

Georgia also has a spiritual and political fault line that stretches around the world. it is a line of betrayal, murder, rebellion against the Constitution and every life in the state. Let's look back to the AD 1960's and AD 1970's. So Remember the banning of the Bible in Schools by the Supreme Court breaking their vows to the Constitution and leading millions of children into crime. Remember the abortion decree of AD 1973 causing the death of millions of children. Remember the breakout in war in the Middle East and the rise of terrorism in the AD 1970's when the oil fields were nationalized and the Arabs mounted their oil boycott. In the AD 1970's in Georgia's Cherokee County and other counties were inundated with  referendums to...


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