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Letters to the Editor

This Week's Letters to the Editor

Dear editor:

In A.D. 1945 at the end of World War II, the United States stood paramount over all the earth. The earth hanged under God, the U.S. Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence.

But when it came time to establish the United  Nations, the job of writing the charter for the UN was given to Alger Hiss who was later discovered to be a spy for Stalin and the Soviet Union. Communist politicians under different names swarmed in the preidents' administrations. They were secret admirers of Karl Marx and Josef Stalin. They thought that the collective wisdom of men with the UN was better than that of God and the great American charters. If all the nations got together, they thought, then there would be peace. They forgot that under man, greed, lust, jealousy, and murder lurks in hearts crying to be free to slaughter and to steal. These worshipers of men still lurk disguised in our administrations and bureaus guiding our presidents and herding the people where the communist agents want them to go. Things that kill, steal, and enslave come from the works of their hands.

  The Repeal of Prohibition in A.D. 1933 was one of their works. The communists wanted to addict every American to alcohol, immoral sex, atheism, and other vile things. With people lost in drunkeness, they would not care what was going on as long as they had alcohol. They slickered President Roosevelt, an addict of alcohol, whose peer group were alcoholics, into surrendering the children--our posterity--to the immoral drunks of industry and Hollywood. They also slickered President Kennedy into bowing to the removal of Bibles from the schools in A.D. 1963. The communists wanted to erase God from the minds of Americans. The disguised communists also slickered President Nixon into allowing abortion--the death of the posterity and the nation. The communists were successful in removing the children from defense and successful in pulling the nation under the rule of the pagan professionals who had no love for them or their children. Today the so-called liberals, progressives, federalists, and others are pulling the U.S. under the UN whose charter was written by an American communist high in the State Department, Alger Hiss, who was spying for Stalin.

The UN is so encouraged by the disguised communists swarming in our governments and political parties that the world court is demanding American soldiers be tried for war crimes as they fought against terrorists who fought for some of the nations in the UN. The UN is trying to force Britain from the Chagos Islands. The UN is trying to disarm every person on earth and force the nation to violate the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment to force us to leave Thomas Jefferson and American freedom to be slaves under the UN, Alger Hiss and the worshipers of Stalin and Lenin and the principles of Marx.


Billy Joe Parker 


Dear editor:

Local residents in Pickens County refer to Big Canoe residents as Big To Do. I am a resident of Big Canoe and I certainly understand that reference.


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Letters Welcomed

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