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Hardest Jobs Series

Hardest Jobs Series - This farrier moonlights as Elvis


Just a Hunk, a Hunk of Burning Love



Lisa, Trooper and Greg (Trooper licking Greg)


By Bettina Huseby

Local farrier Greg Burgess practices the age-old profession of shoeing horses, which combines elements of blacksmithing and vet care. He grew up on a farm in Pickens County, where farriers visited to shoe their horses. Greg liked to watch them work. After graduating from PHS, he began a 6-year apprenticeship.

His first paying job was to trim a donkey’s hooves, at a farm near Dawsonville. Greg says he went alone, which isn’t the best idea. “They had a barn up a big old hill, with a pasture that stretched down to the road. The donkey kept getting out of my grip.” Greg was too young to know he should stop and start over. Instead, he held on the donkey dragged him all the way to the road. By then he was done.

            “I won!” he declared. “And I made 12 dollars!”


Hardest Jobs: A ride along with an ambulance crew

By Bettina Huseby
Progress columnist


    Pickens County EMT-I Zach Crow and PMDC Captain Tony Simmons (in silhouette) pulling the stretcher to fetch their patient.    

     Paramedics and EMT’s make house calls to sick and injured people and get them safely to the hospital. Their job almost always makes “hard job” top 10 lists. I recently rode along with two of Pickens County’s bravest: EMT-I Zach Crow, 27, and Paramedic Captain Tony Simmons, 37, to learn why.