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Talking Rock will fight road change “tooth and nail”

dot-meet-on-antioch-intersection 6363
Dan Pool / Photo
Talking Rock’s incoming mayor Randy Banks, left, offers an alternative to a plan presented by the state transportation officials during a meeting on the Antioch Church Road/Highway 515 intersection Monday.
     A group of Talking Rock business owners expressed vigorous opposition to a state proposed change in the intersection at Antioch Church Road and Highway 515 in a Monday night forum. Georgia Transportation officials believe the change would improve safety there.
“We live here and we do not like this,” Talking Rock council member Cheryl Sams told representatives from the Ga. Department of Transportation (GDOT). “We will go as high as we have to [to stop this]. We will fight you tooth and nail.”
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From Tom to Trees: The Top Stories of 2015

tom-cruise-movie-shoot-1st 2698

    The filiming of the new Tom Cruise movie Mena in downtown Ball Ground was one of our Top Stories from 2015. We've compiled a list of most important stories as well as those that had the most hits online. Check out this week's print and online editions to find out which ones made the cut.  


Woodstock man kills mother


     Cherokee Sheriff's deputies responded to the Brookmill Apartments off Highway 92 in Woodstock Sunday night at approximately 9pm after a 21 year old man called 911 and told dispatchers he had killed his mother during a domestic dispute. Deputies arrived at the apartment and located Michael Jacobs, 21 years old of Woodstock, and his deceased mother Melony Jacobs, 54 years old of Woodstock, inside the apartment. The victim appeared to

Seized cash ensures crime doesn’t pay


     Following the December 22 arrest of a 22-year-old suspected of dealing drugs and burglary, Pickens sheriff Donnie Craig said the ability to seize money prevents drug dealers and burglars from keeping what they made by the criminal actions.

            “Even if they make a little by selling drugs, that is going to be forfeited to law enforcement when they get caught,” the sheriff said.

            Read about the recent arrest and how local law enforcement and courts ensure that crime doesn’t pay in our print and online editions.



Help wanted scams getting better at deception

SCAM    When LaSandra Cooley first spotted a help wanted offering good money and benefits for an Admin Assistant in the Progress, it seemed a good offer, but like all scams it was literally too good to be true.
    Cooley said she quickly became cautious and didn’t get suckered in, but wanted to warn other people that scams involving help wanteds are out there – even in this weekly paper. She said she could easily see people being tricked out of their hard-earned money.