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Lions Club to absorb Sharptop Arts

New art alliance forms as Sharptop Arts Association disbands

sharptop-arts-building 1573

The Jasper Lions Club donated this building to the Sharptop Arts Association in the 70s, where it has operated since that time.    

The small, white building at 68 D.B. Carroll Street in downtown Jasper has served many purposes since it was built in the 1930s.
    Recently, Sharptop Arts Association President and Lions Club member Mark Miller recalled the building’s long history. After initially serving as a meeting space for the women’s club, Miller

explained, it was deeded to the Lions who donated it to the county for use as a library. When the library no longer operated from that space ownership of the building reverted to the Lions, who then donated it to a startup organization called Sharptop Arts & Crafts Association.
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ROPES classes are hanging on at Pickens Middle


8th grade student, Zackery Burrell

By Claire Eubanks

    Our school is excited to participate in an Adventure Based Counseling Project; otherwise known as ROPES class. This course has been operating at Pickens County Middle School since 2002 when the course was constructed.  A course was built at Pickens County Middle School and Jasper Middle School in 2002 with grant money.  The cost of construction for each course was between

Opt-Out mom says no to school’s standardized test



      Joe and Katherine White's children are being Opted Out of the Ga. Milestone tests by their parents. Ms. White said she didn’t want to let her kids be “guinea pigs” for a hastily done, unproven statewide test. Printed on the back of the girls’ t-shirts are the reason why their parents are opting them out of testing.

       When Pickens elementary and middle school students started answering questions this week on the Georgia Milestones test, at least two students will be reading books and not answering any of the questions.

Katherine White, the mother of two Hill City Elementary students, said she has no beef with the local system, but is invoking her right to withhold her children from the statewide standardized tests. 

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PHS students cultivate passionate plant sale patrons

plant-sale 1218

PHS horticulture students Sarah Prather and Stephanie Riddle check out some of the first customers

at the Wednesday, April 15 plant sale. 


I pulled up to PHS’s AgEd barn at 1:59 p.m. to an unexpected crowd huddled anxiously around the doors, scheduled to open in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…   

By the time I parked and walked inside it was 2:01 plus 30 seconds tops, but already I felt like a salmon pushing against a crowd that had (speedily and with a most serious air about them) walked inside, scooped up plants grown by PHS horticulture students and were headed back to check out.