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General news and features

Grandview farm family loses home to fire



A second roof that was built over an original roof hampered efforts to suppress this fire at a Grandview area home Monday.


A home belonging to Kip and Michelle Foster, owners of Dig-It Farms on Grandview Road, was destroyed by fire early Monday.

No one was injured in the July 9 blaze which is being blamed on a shop fire that moved into the attached residence.

Assistant County Fire Chief Curtis Clark said crews had several challenges stopping the blaze. The fire had a good start when responders arrived slightly after 4:20 a.m.

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The family has put up more information on a Facebook page. Search for Foster Family House Fire.

Pickens man killed in four-wheeler crash

 A Pickens man was killed in a four-wheeler wreck Sunday night.

According to sheriff and Georgia State Patrol incident reports, Adam Chumley, 28, of Edwards Road, died as emergency crews were rushing him around midnight from a wreck site to Piedmont Mountainside where a helicopter was waiting to transport him to a trauma facility.

State Patrol Trooper Travis Roberts said that Chumley was driving the four-wheeler on Moore Road near the intersection with Bryant Road when he left the roadway and struck a ditch embankment. Trooper Roberts said the impact jerked him and the four-wheeler to the right where he hit a tree and overturned, also hitting a mailbox. Chumley’s body was found within a few feet of the overturned ATV.

Mountainside’s $10 million expansion still on track


Artist’s rendering of the forthcoming $10 million expansion at Piedmont Mountainside. The renovation will add a new emergency room, expanded operating room and  an update to the interior throughout the Jasper hospital.

     On his last day as CEO at Piedmont Mountainside Hospital , Mike Robertson assured the community that a planned $10 million expansion of the hospital may have stalled slightly but is still in the works this summer.

     Robertson said plans had called for a May groundbreaking of the project to add a new emergency room, expanded operating facilities, an additional ten-bed capacity plus a remodeled interior theme throughout the hospital on Highway 515.

PHS students rock out as “Pipe”


PHS students Nick Jacobs, Cole Millsap, Johnny Stecovich, Elliot Gallagher and Chandler Youngblood make up the rock band Pipe.

By Laiken Owens

PHS student reporter

     Each teen has their own talent, but there are five teens in Pickens that have put their talents together to form a band. This rock n’ roll band is titled “Pipe.” The guys say they don’t remember exactly how the band started when they were in fourth grade, but they are glad it did. Their original name for the band was “Mental Toilet Forks,” but decided that may not be the best possible name.

     Pipe says although they are a rock band, each member has their own inspiration for playing, varying from punk to heavy metal. So who exactly are the masterminds behind Pipe? These rockin’ PHS students are Nick Jacobs, Cole Millsap, Johnny Stecovich, Elliot Gallagher and Chandler Youngblood. Nick is the guy up front; he is the lead vocalist, who also plays guitar. Millsap is a stellar musician who plays the keyboard and guitar. Mr. Youngblood is the man on the bass, who also helps out with vocals. Johnny is the go to guy who plays guitar, controls the talk box, and is also a vocalist. Elliot rocks out on what else other than, the drum.

Scouting opportunities abound in PIckens



Above, Boy Scouting Troop 288

     Happen to be a parent of a middle school or high school aged youth with a hankering for the kind of adventures available through a Scouting program? What follows is a list of Scouting groups active in this county with some details of each group.
      Pickens County has three Girl Scout troops for girls middle school age or above. Four Boy Scout troops operate here, with young men, ages 11 through high school, participating. In addition, two coed Scouting groups are also at work here: Venturing Crew 288 out of Hill City and Explorer Post 800, a law enforcement post, sponsored by the Pickens County Sheriff's Office.
      Scouting opportunities begin as early as kindergarten for girls and at age 7 for boys.
      To learn about Scouting groups available to girls younger than middle school, contact Jennifer Clark (service unit director for Mountain City Girl Scouts of Pickens County) at 770-833-4754.
      To learn about Scouting opportunities available to boys younger than 11, contact Carlton Wilson (Boy Scouting's district commissioner for Cherokee and Pickens counties) at 770-402-9105.