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Jasper residents arrested for counterfeiting


Jasper Police announced Monday the arrests of three Jasper residents for counterfeiting, using a “washing” process to produce the bills.

Washing was described as cleaning the dye from $1 bills and then printing images scanned into a basic home computer onto the blank notes.

Detective Corporal Matt Dawkins said officers became aware of the counterfeiting when a fake bill was passed at Walgreens.

Police Chief Greg Lovell said authorities aren’t ready yet to release information on how widespread the counterfeit operation was or its dollar value. “It was big enough that we got the Secret Service involved, and they are going to run it by the U.S. Attorney,” Lovell said.

Lovell encouraged Jasper businesses to remain on the lookout for other fake bills.

“While we have arrested this group,” Dawkins said, “there are other people doing this, and they will continue to do this, especially as the economy gets worse.”


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Four Ga. potters inducted into "living traditions"


Four northeast Georgia folk potters will be inducted into the “Living Traditions” permanent exhibition at the Folk Pottery Museum of Northeast Georgia in a special celebration Saturday, January 21.  “There are three criteria for this recognition,” explains Chris Brooks, Director of the Museum.  “The potters must be trained by potters carrying on more than two centuries of traditional methods in the area; they must continue these traditions in their own work; and their work must be acknowledged as among the best quality of northeast Georgia folk pottery.”

Keep the Family and Wallet Full in the New Year

groceryshoppingMILWAUKEE, WI – Large grocery bills can take a toll on the bank account, but there are numerous ways to adhere to a budget at the store.  Households don’t have to sacrifice nutrition to save money.  TOPS Club, Inc. (Take Off Pounds Sensibly), the nonprofit weight-loss support organization, provides tips from Dena McDowell, M.S., R.D., C.D., nutritional expert for TOPS, that help make some of the most common New Year’s resolutions attainable.  Shrink your grocery bills, eat healthier, and shrink your waistline, too.

Plan Ahead

Create a weekly or bi-weekly menu.  Before purchasing food, make a list of groceries your family will need for the pre-planned meals and stick to the list as you make your way through the store.  Check for coupons or specials that apply to items on the menu.  Also, avoid shopping on an empty stomach, so you aren’t tempted to purchase extra foods.  It’s helpful to check the kitchen cupboards to see if an item on your grocery list is already on the shelf.

Roadshow draws strong traffic, thousands of coin sales


People from this area sold thousands of old coins to the brokers at THR & Associates last week during the collectors’ roadshow in the Microtel Lobby.

“We bought a lot of older coins, nothing super-duper rare, but some rare stuff,” THR Broker Jeffrey Maynard said Saturday with one more day left for the roadshow here.

Maynard and his associate, Brice Lanier, agreed that the most exciting item was something they didn’t buy. Someone brought a gold coin that had been stamped in Dahlonega, when the nearby city was the home of a gold rush, but no deal was made for the coin last week.


Broker Brice Lanier examines a coin brought to the Collectors Roadshow last week at Microtel.


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Heading for hike – don’t forget your GORP; New pass required for all use of some state properties


Dawson and Gilmer areas included in places where GORP is required

Submitted by Ga. DNR

SOCIAL CIRCLE, Ga. (Jan. 4, 2012) - The new Georgia Outdoor Recreation Pass has been in effect a few days, and will help with much-needed maintenance on state wildlife areas.

Thirty-two sites managed by the Georgia Wildlife Resources Division now require the Georgia Outdoor Recreation Pass (GORP) for visitors ages 16-64. Exempt from the requirement are individuals who have a valid WMA

License, Honorary License, Sportsmen’s License, Lifetime License or Three-Day Hunting and Fishing License.

In all, Wildlife Resources Division manages more than 100 properties across the state. However, GORP impacts only about one-third of the areas - the spots with the highest traffic by all users.