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"The only city in Georgia with the guts" to have July 4th parade



The speaker at the grandstand said that Jasper was the only city in Georgia that had the guts to carry on with Independence Day plans with so much rain in the forecast and that had already fallen overnight.

Today, the brave were rewarded --no rain fell during the July 4th parade, which wrapped up about 10:30 a.m. with wet streets but nothing more coming down.

A long time Lions Club member estimated the crowd was down from normal attendance by about half, but the show had gone on.

Other activities are similarly scheduled to roll as planned.

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Rise in cremations may signal weakening traditions


    Kevin Roper, owner of Roper’s Funeral Home stands in the urn room, where he offers families a choice of many options for the keeping of their passed loved one.
     For much of our history, Pickens countians, like many throughout the South, have shunned cremation for loved ones, opting instead for a traditional Christian burial where their bodies are laid to rest in consecrated ground.
    But, that trend is changing as more people than ever are choosing cremation.
    “Currently we are handling around 70 cremations a year,” said Kevin Roper of Roper Funeral Home and Crematory. “In the past couple of years cremation has represented about 50 percent of the total calls we receive.”

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Explosive class at Jones Mountain shooting range




Damon Howell/photo     

Law enforcement officers attended a class on explosive devices including live detonations at the sheriff shooting range on Jones Mountain Friday.

        The class featured numerous explosions, the loudest of which set off car alarms 100 yards away.

  Above, officers look at the remnants of a filing cabinet blown up with "sheet" explosives.



Tea: The house wine of the South

Tea trumps coffee at local restaurants


    Speed Burger employee Camille Johnson stirs up a batch of sweet tea before the restaurant opens.
    Once upon a sweet time there was tea.
    Not sweet tea or half and half, just tea – and it was always sweet. Our Southern heritage, like our tea, has been diluted a bit but many of us still consider tea – that brown drink served from a big pitcher and sweetened with good old-fashioned cane sugar – the epitome of a classic drink. 


After 17 years, Main Street Clothing packs up


    After 17 years, Main Street Clothing will close in July. Owner Bobby Mullinax (above) says the loss of local shoppers to new retail areas in Cherokee and Dawson counties forced his single location store out of business.

     Citing a barrage of business challenges, Main Street Clothing owner Bobby Mullinax announced he will close his doors for a final time in early July.
    A 57-year veteran of retail clothing, Mullinax wasn’t sure exactly when the last day of Main Street Clothing will be as he is also caring for his wife who was injured in a fall that happened after he decided to close the shop.
    Mullinax operated Main Street Clothing on Jasper’s Main Street for 17 years, catering to both men and women for business and casual attire.

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