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Jasper’s GPS units to increase accountability

Mayor says technology also will decrease fuel consumption

FRONT gps   

   City Hall is watching. With a new GPS system, Jasper employees like Tara Benson can pinpoint where any of their vehicles are located. The system also keeps a log of vehicles’ travels and speed.


     According to Jasper Mayor John Weaver, a GPS tracking system being installed on the City of Jasper’s 73 tagged vehicles will not only reduce fuel costs and excessive mileage, but will also help prevent wear and tear and increase employee accountability.

Connelly announces for District 1 commission

bart connelly

Bart Connelly  

Submitted by Bart Connelly


    My name is Bart Connelly and I am announcing my candidacy for the Pickens County District 1 County Commissioner seat in the May 20 Republican Primary.
    My wife Cindy and I have been married for 39 years and we have lived in the Jerusalem Community for the past 14 years. We have two children and three grandchildren.

Justice Delayed: Ben Abbott case


Ben Thomas Abbott, accused of kiling his in-laws Feb. 2011.

Reprinted courtesy of Ellijay Times Courier
by Mark Millican
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    A law enforcement officer who listened to the 911 call of a man who had just been shot said it was horrible “to literally (hear) the life draining out of a man.”

Mega Millions sweetens Valentine’s Day with $139M jackpot

Powerball rolls right into $330M for Saturday’s drawing
ATLANTA – Friday’s $139 million Mega Millions jackpot falls on the most romantic day of the year while Powerball rolls ahead with an estimated $330 million jackpot for Saturday’s drawing.
The excitement for both games continues to grow as Georgians have won large prizes statewide.
Mega Millions has rolled 11 times since Jan. 7.
A winning ticket worth $5,000 was sold in Athens from the Feb. 11 drawing.
Mega Millions offers two jackpot payment options: the $139 million annuity prize paid out as one immediate payment followed by 29 annual graduated payments; or the cash option, which is approximately $76 million.