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General news and features

Deal may be imminent for Big Canoe water system

Precedent-setting authority for private water system meeting resistance



     An e-mail blast from the Big Canoe Utilities Company on February 13th announced  a sell of the water system there could happen this spring.

     The e-mail blast to Big Canoe water customers stated, “We are excited to announce we have found a company that meets the criteria and brings the right approach for serving the property owners of Big Canoe. Utilities, Inc. of Georgia (UIG) and its parent company serves over 300,000 customers within communities across 18 states. The company owns and operates over 650 water and wastewater facilities and its sister companies serve natural gas and electric customers as well.”

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Prison gangs believed to be behind some phone scams


     Attorney General Chris Carr and Commissioner of the Department of Corrections Greg Dozier are warning Georgians to be on the lookout for phone scams that may be a result of illicit use of contraband cell phones by inmates in Georgia prisons.

“We are warning all Georgians to be on the lookout for phone scams, and in particular, those facilitated by prison gangs and incarcerated con-men looking to cheat honest people out of their hard-earned money,” said Attorney General Chris Carr. “Commissioner Dozier and the Department of Corrections work every day to crack down on the use of contraband cell phones, and we will continue to work together to protect our fellow Georgians and keep them informed and ahead of the inmate schemes.”

Peregrine Falcons Return to Tallulah Gorge: An avian love story

peregrine falcons

photo/ Tallulah Gorge website

A peregrine falcon, one of the world’s fastest bird, a pair can be regularly spotted at Tallulah Gorge State Park.

 Submitted through Ga. State Parks

Call it a soaring love story -- or perhaps “romance on the rim.” A pair of Peregrine Falcons returned to Tallulah Gorge State Park for breeding season, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Even though the raptors mate for life, they keep the spark alive with elaborate annual courtship.

“The male will spend about a month impressing the female, even if they’ve been together many years,” said assistant manager Jessica James. “He’ll show off his hunting skills with aerial acrobatics. It’s pretty amazing since these are the world’s fastest animal. In steep dives, they can reach speeds of more than 200 miles per hour.”

Around the world cyclist details six years of pedaling

biker me riding past the buddhas

       Cruising past watching Buddhas in Thailand. The speaker said we should all tackle big adventures since we are all terminal cases. 

       Robert Hirsch keeps things pretty simple. He goes by just one name Hirsch; doesn’t have a cell phone, never uses social media - preferring pen and paper, doesn’t make more money than he needs for basic food/shelter and doesn’t give his age (which partially goes back to social ills from him being promoted several grades ahead in school).

In fact for six years he could list his schedule as simply ride bicycle.

[A part 2 of Hirsch speaking is scheduled at the library on March 1 at 6:30 p.m.]

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American Legion seeks help for paralyzed veteran

vet needs help warren

       Parents Joe and Cola Weaver stand next to their son, National Guard veteran SP4 Warren Boyette, who was paralyzed on the left side of his body after suffering a stroke eight years ago. Severe swelling in his legs is requiring the family to seek treatment in Atlanta because of possible blood clots.  


By Suellen Reitz


Pickens County American Legion Post 149 is first and foremost all about vets helping vets.  Sometimes the help needed is more than one organization can handle. And at times like that…as it has often been said…“It takes the whole village.”

Such is the case for 56-year-old Warren Boyette, who suffered from a stroke eight years ago on Valentine’s Day that has left him totally paralyzed on the left side of his body making him fully dependent on his parents Joe and Cola Weaver.