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Ga. high court upholds denial of popular podcast's request for audio recordings



Published Monday, October 30, 2017


Please note: Opinion summaries are prepared by the Public Information Office for the general public and news media. Summaries are not prepared for every opinion released by the Court, but only for those cases considered of great public interest. Opinion summaries are not to be considered as official opinions of the Court. The full opinions are available on the Supreme Court website at .



            The Supreme Court of Georgia has upheld a Floyd County judge’s ruling denying the request of the makers of a podcast series to copy a court reporter’s audio recordings made during a murder trial.

Undisclosed, the producer of the podcast about a Georgia murder, argued that under the Georgia Supreme Court’s 1992 ruling in Green v. Drinnon, a court reporter’s audio recordings are “court records” under Rule 21 of the Uniform Superior Court Rules and that Rule 21 provides the right to copy court records.

Growth dominates planning conversation


       The county held their third in the series of comprehensive planning meetings October 17 with an agenda of discussing goals for the community and land use.

Like the previous meetings in this series, however, the discussion quickly became a roundtable on growth. As one participant later described it, about half the people there were talking about how we could attract growth like we see in counties to the south and the other half were talking about how we could prevent growth like we see in counties to the south. [In our estimation the sides were not really even, with more speakers offering pro-growth opinions.]

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A hike around Doris Wigington Park finds nice trails, some problems

        raper-park-IMG 1196

A Progress reporter and a photographer took a field trip a few days after the forum to get a first-hand look. What we found were trails that are nice, despite some inclines that are a little steep and slippery from the gravel, but also a few things that might be contributing to people’s reservations about visiting.


         At a recent forum for Jasper City Council candidates, Doris Wigington Park, 60-acres of trails with entrances off Gennett Drive and Lumber Company Road, surfaced as a problem. 

The park, which has been given the unbecoming name “Raper Park” by nearby residents, goes largely unused. Councilmember Anne Sneve said it “has become an issue for us,” and that, “I’ll be honest, I’m not sure how we’re going to resolve that issue.”

 Candidate Doug Patterson went so far as to include the park in his platform. He said people are “scared,” and called for lighting, police presence, and golf trails that connect to Arbor Hills, the large subdivision that butts up to the park. (Golf trails were part of the original phase II plan for the park and part of the mayor’s larger vision for the area, but have yet to be completed.)        

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New state record blue catfish beats previous by more than 12 pounds


         A day of fishing is good. A day you catch a new state record – and beat the old one by more than 12 pounds – is great! Richard Barrett is the new state record holder for the blue catfish. His catch, weighing 93 lb, 0 oz, beat the previous 2010 record of 80 lb, 4 oz., according to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Resources Division (WRD).

Barrett, of Axson, hooked this new state record blue catfish on the Altamaha River on October 14, 2017 using a live channel catfish they caught earlier in the day as bait.  The fish was caught on the edge of a deep hole, and the angler told WRD staff that he was shocked when he got it to surface and thought there was no way he was going to get the fish in boat! WRD fisheries biologist Tim Bonvechio aged the fish at 14 years old, which indicates a good growth rate.

Utah murder suspect arrested at Cherokee hospital

utah murder Sullivan


Cherokee Sheriff Press Release. October 23, 2017. The Cherokee Sheriff’s Office arrested Maria Elena Sullivan 26 years of age of Sandy, Utah on outstanding warrants on Sunday, October 22, 2017 at 4:52pm. 

    A Cherokee Sheriff’s Office sergeant was at Northside Cherokee Hospital in Canton when he was notified by hospital staff that Sullivan had made some concerning statements to them.  The sergeant checked Sullivan for warrants and was able to verify she had warrants for Murder, Child Abuse x3, and Endangerment of a Child.  As Sullivan was being discharged from the hospital she was taken into custody and transported to the Cherokee County Adult Detention Center.  She is in the custody of the Cherokee County ADC with zero bond.