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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:
    In this season of thanks and giving, everyone is caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season. There are presents to buy and wrap, decorations to hang, food to make and cards to send to family and friends. We get so caught up in what we have to do that we sometimes forget to pause and think of those less fortunate.
    I am reminded of a repairman who came to our domestic violence shelter one morning to fix some electrical outlets. A box he needed to access happened to be in one of the resident’s rooms occupied by a mother and her three children. The mother was awake but the children were still sleeping. She gave the repairman permission to quickly access the box assuring him that her children would not be disturbed. The gentleman did so and went on about the rest of his work.
    As he was leaving, I stepped outside to thank him again for his work. He turned to me and asked if it would be appropriate to give me a donation for the organization. I assured him that it was not necessary but he insisted and I thanked him. As he placed the folded cash in my hand, he asked me to use it for the children. He went on to say that he has been at the shelter many times to repair things but this time was different.
    When he saw the children sleeping, he thought of his own children and the difference between their lives. He said he knew that his children were in a safe, loving home and only imagined the life ahead for the children he had just seen. I saw tears welling up in his eyes as he struggled to keep from weeping. I told him that we would use the donation to purchase some new playground equipment so it could be used by those children and all the others that will surely come after them. He thanked me again and drove off. We have all heard the saying that is it more blessed to give than to receive and clearly this man realizes that today.
    In this season of thanks and giving, we hope that everyone takes a little time to look at their own lives and families and give thanks for what they have. If you are blessed, think about giving to others less fortunate. This area has many nonprofit organizations dealing with at-risk people who may not have a warm home and loving family to spend the holidays with. Look around you and consider spreading a little kindness to those less fortunate. It will surely make your holiday season a little brighter and more memorable.
Mary Migliaro
Executive Director
North Georgia Mountain Crisis Network

Dear Editor:
The dirty tricks used against the state and the people by those elected in the Georgia state government can be seen in the assault by a female legislator on the Constitution, the 2nd Amendment, and her vow to defend them. Instead of giving thanks to God on Thanksgiving, she turned the day to betrayal and theft for her political party that has just lost an election and was voted down by the people of Georgia.
    This is the trickery used by unfaithful Georgia politicians to steal the state flag, to legalize the lottery, alcohol, marijuana, and homosexuality-- all great child abusers and killers. The liberal (communist) mentality is to find a way to force on people something the political party wants and can't get.
    Instead of removing the evils--alcohol, marijuana, abortion, and homosexuality that kill and addict the children of the state, she will kill them for the dishonorable political party chiefs.
    She did not see the thousands of families sad at Thanksgiving dinner because a member of the family was missing because he had been killed by alcohol and DUI during the year. Instead she saw Hillary and Obama weeping because they lost the election. They wanted power to continue to destroy American lives with their evil theories. She wept for Hillary and Obama and not for the families of Georgia who had lost members.
Billy Joe Parker
Georgia Prohibition

Dear Editor:
    To Sheri Frech,
  I don’t know you. I’m sure you’re a lovely person, but every week you post letters to the editor about issues you feel are unfair and need to be changed. I normally find them entertaining.

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