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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:
    Ten years ago I heard those words from the school that every parent might fear, “We may want to have your child tested to make sure there isn’t something going on.” A short time later we had our diagnosis. My son has Asperger’s Disorder. This was hard for me to swallow; however, I would not have been able to swallow this without the superior service of Pickens County schools and the special education department. My son was reading far below grade level and his social skills were lacking. Every year a team of teachers, special educators, administration, grandparents and staff would meet with me and my husband to determine the best course of action for the following year. Sometimes the goal would be getting my son to observe personal space. Other times it would be to help him become better organized.
    As a parent, it was hard to give up some of the control that I wanted to have, especially since I had a child with special needs. I knew my child, but I had to realize that the teachers and staff at the schools knew him as well. I loved my child, but so did they. It is hard when you are with someone day after day to see the enormous progress that person is making. My son was making that progress. As I mentioned previously, my son was reading two grades below grade level in third grade. He was served in special education for various classes. Last year he got a perfect CRCT reading score. He makes good grades and he feels good about himself. None of this would have been possible without the collaboration of the special education department, the staff, administration and caring people at Pickens County schools.

Chris & Amy Denney, Parents
Becky Denney, Grandparent

Dear Editor:
     I am a senior who disagrees with Pickens Seniors for Change.  I should not be exempt from paying school taxes...

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