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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:
Diversity and Multiculturalism
    Everything we read today lauds the idea of diversity and its twin sister multiculturalism.     Most of the time, the people that assert these ideas mean that we need men and women and people of different races and backgrounds to work together to solve the large common problems which face humanity.
    It sounds wonderful.   To even question it is to risk public censure and vigorous denial and marginalization.  Not to mention a good cussing from some anonymous writer on the inter web.
    Within our own country, diversity and different cultures may be a very good thing because they offer different view points about problems  which cannot even be considered if those viewpoints are not even allowed at the table for discussion.   But everyone at the table must have a willingness to allow the will of the majority to be adopted and acted upon.   If some do not accept the opinions of others through some process of constitutional limited power, differences will breakdown into a contest, and in the extreme case, into the naked raw power of violence.
    How many of you have seen intense differences wreck a group.  I certainly have.  Jury duty, public boards, business boards of directors, and even church boards, often become dysfunctional when a member will not accept that they have a minority viewpoint that will not be adopted by the group.  So they throw a hissy fit and damn you all to hell and plot and scheme to thwart the majority.
    Today, I see this new  militant diversity and multiculturalism intentionally breaking the fabric of society.     The strident voice of the constantly offended minority, which believes they, and they alone, have difficulties in this world, is all that is heard.  “I want my way and I want it now and if I don't get it, then my opposition is evil, racist, phobic, bigoted , anti-science, and are irrational haters of ---------.”  They become mean, nasty, brutish and very loud.
    Democratically elected representatives with a willingness to accept the mandate of the majority are the answer.  Militant diversity and clashing cultures are problems and not solutions.

Gary Pichon

Dear Editor:
    The recent Progress article regarding Parenting Advice by John Rosemond was spot on. The progression from parenting with cultural consensus to parenting now being grouped with other "don't talk about subjects" such as politics and religion has not done our society any favors. All we need to do is turn on the tv to see how far we've regressed with current tv shows versus those us parents grew up with: Little House on the Prairie and the Walton's just to name a couple. The degradation of societal and family values is not progression and the sooner we all recognize this, the better off we'll be. To answer Mr. Rosemond's question of who wants to go first? I do!

Denise Curran

Dear Editor:
    During the Jan. 21st Nelson City Council meeting, the auditor vividly explained the shortcomings of the city financially...


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