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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

Glimpses of the Past

Take a fresh look at the treasures you already possess…

I was recently loaned a copy of “Pickens County Georgia Heritage 1853 - 1998” published in 1999 by   Don Mills Inc. I didn’t immediately begin looking through it, because I believed I had seen everything I was interested in the first time I looked through it. But later I reconsidered and realized I hadn’t really looked at it in about 10 to 15 years. I’ve learned a lot about genealogy and developed new interests since then, so I began to go through it page by page, examining each picture and section carefully.

Wow, on page 18 was a 1950 photo of a steam locomotive sitting in front of the Tate Depot! I’ve been collecting photos of the Depot for a few years now and I’d really like a copy of that one. Does anyone know who has the original now or where I can get a copy?

And on page 58 was a photo of the Marble City High School class (early 1920s); with my grandfather, his brother and sister among those pictured! I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t recognized the importance of that photo to me when I’d looked at it previously. The photo was loaned for the publication by either Mildred Pendley or Thelma Fields. Does anyone know if they are still alive and in possession of this photo, or where I can get a copy?

Now I was really interested, and thought “if I didn’t recognize my grandfather’s family in one of the photos, then what did I miss in the Family History section of the book?” So, I turned to the section on the Brooks families and began to carefully compare the information offered there with my Family Tree research.

I started looking at the family of Joseph E. Brooks and Katherine Lovin. It didn’t take me long to figure out that their descendants and I are closely related. Joseph E Brooks was the 1st cousin of my ancestor Hiram Brooks. Now I can theorize that all of the Brooks families living in North Georgia in the 19th Century were probably descended from William and Nancy Brooks of Rutherford County, N.C. Now, I am carefully going through all of the family information in the book, gleaning more details of ancestors and cousins as I go. 

One thing that these County Heritage books can provide is more information about related people who were born in the 20th and 21st Centuries than you can find in public records. That alone, is worth a second look. The Pickens County Library is a very valuable source of information for genealogists, researchers and those curious about their local history. I’m encouraging everyone to invest the time to take a second look there. You might be very surprised at what you find.

Don’t forget, if you know anything about those pictures, please contact me!


Tim Brooks

Tate, Georgia

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Dear Editor:

In your May 19th Pickens County Progress, you had the top of your front page dedicated to the facelift of McDonalds. And on page 2 the story of a Vietnam vet awarded the Bronze Star and Purple Heart.

I realize I don’t know anything about editing, but I do think that a veteran that received the Bronze Star and Purple Heart deserves the front page more than a McDonalds face lift.

Stanley Dean


Dear Editor:

Mr. Frech’s opinion piece “Election analysis – Immigration questions” was very “one-sided” and it’s clear he was talking about Donald Trump. How can he say that most immigrant are not Hispanic/Latino?  His own numbers show otherwise, 46% to 26% to 8%.  This is a landslide by any standard. I doubt that Progress readers think ALL illegal immigrants come from Mexico so why pose that question?

The options he states for citizen children of deported parents ignores a couple of major possibilities.

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