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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Dear Georgia Voters:
  On Friday, November 13, my office learned that voters’ personal information was inadvertently included on a statewide voter file that was sent to 12 groups on October 13.
    As a standard practice, these 12 groups, comprised of Georgia’s news media and political parties, receive a computer disc with an updated list of all of Georgia’s registered voters every month. This information is available to them per existing Georgia law.
    However, in October, a clerical error in the IT Division led to these discs containing personal identifying information that should not have been included. The IT employee responsible has been terminated for breaking internal rules governing the release of this information.
    Upon learning of this mistake, my office took immediate action to retrieve the discs and to confirm that the recipients had not copied or otherwise disseminated the data.
    All 12 discs have been accounted for. Each recipient, including the Georgia Republican Party and the Georgia Democratic Party, has confirmed that the data was not retained or disseminated to any outside parties.    To reiterate, the Georgia Voter Registration System was not breached. The system has been and remains secure, and I am confident no voter’s personal information has been compromised.
    I want to assure Georgia’s citizens that it is my top priority  to protect their personal information. I have put in place additional safeguards to ensure this situation does not happen again.
Brian P. Kemp
Secretary of State

Dear Editor:
My gosh, who would have thought a short letter critical of the NRA from a 69 year old left leaning grandmother, to the Pickens Progress, would elicit 5 weeks of rebuttal. I wonder if that's a record?...

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