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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


Dear Editor:

To say I am livid would be an understatement. Today my 4-year-old granddaughter came home from school and said she did not want to go to school tomorrow because “a bad guy was going to go to the school and shoot her friends and she was going to have to hide.”

Is this the America that we want for our children? Is terrifying a four year old with gun violence enough for the pro-gun crowd or should we start earlier say, 2 years old? Instead of terrorizing 4-year-olds we should be trying to make sure guns do not get in the hands of people who cannot be trusted with them. Our elected officials do not have the spine to do that however. They are cowards and fear the backlash more than they care about our children. They care more about an NRA rating and their political future. 

This is not the America I want for my grandchildren. I will continue to fight to protect my grandchildren and your children with SENSIBLE measures to attempt to keep guns out of the hands of people that should never, ever, have access to them. People who oppose universal background checks for all transfers of guns pretend the facts do not exist. They pretend that children are not needlessly being killed with firearms because of EASY access to guns and irresponsible gun owners who leave loaded weapons in places where children can get them. The fact a person can obtain a gun does not make them “responsible gun owners.” No more than somebody getting a drivers license will automatically turn them into “responsible drivers.” It’s past time to do something about how easy it is to obtain a gun and try to minimize that ability. I am tired of all the Second Amendment rhetoric and you should be too. When it comes to bars, claiming it’s a business owners right to make a choice because it is “private” property is pure nonsense and an insult to anyone with more than 100 functional brain cells. My automobile is private property in the purest sense of the phrase but I still have to wear a seatbelt if driving it.  

I know my granddaughter is going to have nightmares tonight. Thanks a lot.


Charles O. Hendrix Jr.


Dear Editor:

Dangerous, treasonous, irresponsible, complete disrespect for the Presidency of the United States are just a few of the words I can think of for what House Speaker Boehner has done by circumventing President Obama and inviting Netanyahu to speak before our Congress.

How must we allowed a foreign leader to address our Congress for the purpose of manipulating U.S. foreign policy toward Iran or any other country?...


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