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Letters to the Editor

This Week's Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

On December 28, 2017, a few weeks ago now, you ran a good story on page 1 about the rescue of a dog from a storm drain in Tate. I’m quoted in the story because I was there for most of it. 

Kathy, the dog in the drama, is old and slow now. She used to be able to crawl through that culvert with ease and had done it many times before. But she’s added a few pounds over the years and she does not have the energy and flexibility she once had. If she hadn’t been literally dug out, she would have died. Rain was looming all afternoon, and most likely she would have drowned.

So, the dog rescue is dramatic and it matters. But something else important happened that day:  a group of people came together to go far beyond their job descriptions. Nicole Strickland from animal control and Miranda McGinnis from the animal shelter worked for over two hours, literally digging with pick and shovel. They managed to uncover the top of the drain. Bennie Hopkins came with his backhoe, did more digging,  and lifted the culvert out of the ground. He wouldn’t charge a dime. Mike Bomboy stopped to see if he could help. In his truck he had a saw that could cut through the metal pipe. (Kathy was so thoroughly wedged that she couldn’t be shaken out.)

During all of it, the dog’s owner, Jesse James, was not going to give up. That was not an option. His brother, Bobby, arrived to help, too.

Even I, useless for the most part, drove up to Garner Ace to get powerful flashlights. Thank goodness for Garner Ace. And my brother, Wade Forrester, was back and forth with tools to help.

The best thing about that day may have been the dog rescue. But, particularly in these years of constant bad news and argumentative behavior on the part of so many, it is a real joy to see people work together and go beyond the expected, as this group did.

Even the dog, Kathy, knew that something special had transpired. Normally, she would have barked and growled at the strangers in the group. But, once out of her cramped quarters, she walked right up and even let her rescuers rub her back.

Kathy continues to do well. Thank you to everyone involved.

Diane Forrester Ingram


Dear Editor:

Oh my a dirty word in the White House

I see the news is full of President Trump’s big “vulgarity”.  He use the s--- word to describe some dysfunctional countries.  Now I don’t  really approve of his using that language. It is a little unseemly.  Just last month I cut my thumb with my own pocket knife and I said some really unseemly words. I would have used more but I exhausted my extensive supply in about 1 minute.


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