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General news and features

Jasper pharmacist awarded top national honor


Typical Jack Dunn story: The owner of Jasper Drugs and the National Independent Pharmacist of the year is at home on a recent Friday night.

Phone rings about 11 p.m., young mother has a prescription for a medicine and a nebulizer. Several other pharmacies have one or the other, but not both. Jasper Drug has both the medication and the breathing machine. 

Dunn goes to open up late night for one customer.

Another hitch, the woman doesn’t have the money to pay. No problem. When the situation calls for it, Dunn takes pledges for payment the following week – especially when someone’s child is involved.

Fire hydrant testing underway

hydrant testing 1146 

 Jasper fire crews began testing hydrants in the system this week as part of an every-other-year requirement to maintain insurance rates.

   The City of Jasper has 579 hydrants inside the city limits. They also have a number of hydrants that are on city of Jasper water lines, but are in the county fire service area. The city crews will test hydrants in both areas this year. The testing could last several weeks, depending on the number of calls and other work.

   With the test above, fire fighter Trevor Beavers uses a defuser to interrupt the gush of water. The defuser, a new piece of equipment for the department, will prevent the powerful flows from blasting away landscape materials or doing other damage when hydrants are opened for the test.

GBI child porn operation leads to widespread arrests

“Operation MasqueRAID” Targets People Trading Child Pornography


Georgia Bureau of Investigation press release

Decatur, GA – As a result of a three month proactive investigation coordinated by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s Child Exploitation and Computer Crimes Unit (CEACC) and the Georgia Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force, 44 search warrants were executed in 31 counties today.  Law enforcement officers conducting the searches were looking for evidence of distribution of child pornography using the internet. 


This state-wide endeavor, known as Operation MasqueRAID, began in July 2014 and centered on GBI agents, along with local and federal Georgia ICAC Task Force affiliates, detecting child pornography images being shared using the internet.  The purpose of the operation was to arrest persons who possessed, produced, or distributed images of child pornography using the internet. The targets of Operation MasqueRAID were the most prolific offenders of child pornography laws.

Body found off Worley Crossroads

gbi at worley crossroads       


 Updated -- Sheriff office has identified the body, Billy D. Roberson, age 40, of Blue Ridge, Georgia.  

Mr. Roberson was reported missing from Fannin County on October 20.


The body of a middle-aged man was found in the edge of the woods near Worley Crossroads earlier this evening.

            Sheriff Donnie Craig said they have identified the man but are not releasing his name until family is notified. He said the man had been previously reported missing from another county.

            The body was found by friends who were searching the area where he was last reported seen.

Sheriff Craig said  they had no idea on the cause of death at this point. He said there was nothing apparent, such as a visible injury. The GBI crime scene unit was on the scene Tuesday night.


Little Shop of Horrors equals big theater of humor

Tater Patch's latest opens Oct. 24


Tater Patch Players

By Nan Nawrocki

Tater Patch Players

When the Tater Patch Players gave me the responsibility to direct the eccentric Little Shop of Horrors, I wasn’t sure what to expect. First, in spite of its title, be assured, there is NO HORROR in this musical. It’s a spoof of a show, meant to poke fun the awful “B” Science Fiction movies of the 1950s and ’60s.  In fact, it is based on a 1960 movie of the same name directed by Roger Corman. The show is very firmly tongue-in-cheek, meant to amuse and entertain, not to scare.

The music is a kaleidoscope of styles - Doo-wop to Blues to Calypso.