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General news and features

‘We’re hopeful’ says mother of 4 year old with cancer


    Eligh Ingram’s cancer level has been reduced to Stage III.

    Earlier this year the outlook was grim for four-year-old Eligh Ingram, who was diagnosed with Stage IV Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare and aggressive form of cancer.
    Even though there are no guarantees, his family got good news last week.

Shooting the Breeze with Lee Shiver, former Pickens schools superintendent

Renegade educator talks multiple firings, questioning authority and throwing ice at squirrels


    When he was a former Pickens school superintendent Lee Shiver was never without suit and tie. On the day of this interview, he had a pony-tail and was wearing a Hawaiian shirt, shorts, baseball cap, Converse tennis shoes with no socks, and a rubber clown nose. 

     Since retiring as an educator, Lee Shiver has lived in Pickens County for about a year, keeping a low profile. Previously he served as superintendent of schools here from 1999 through 2005 and was also involved in numerous civic and church groups.


See Shiver's full interview in this week's print or online editions.

Trash encourages bears to stay: Learn to stash it


Garbage is irresistible to a hungry black bear.  The presence of available garbage encourage bears to change their normal movement patterns and “hang out” in non-traditional range areas.  What can you do?  One of the first, and most important, things to do is to stash your trash to resolve potential human-bear conflicts.

Suicide suspected after woman jumps from Sharpe Mountain Bridge


Investigators at the scene of where a woman jumped from a bridge.

Press Release from Cherokee Sheriff

At 6:42 a.m. Cherokee Sheriff’s deputies responded to a call that someone had jumped from the Sharpe Mountain Creek Bridge on the northbound lane of 575. This is the first bridge south of Pickens County. The creek shows up on some maps here as Sharp Mountain Creek.

When deputies arrived they discovered a vehicle parked on the bridge and a 35-year old-female deceased under the bridge from an apparent suicide. The name of the female is not being released at this time. There is no indication of foul play. There was a witness to the incident who was traveling southbound on I-575.






Jones wins re-election as commission chair

Incumbent Commission Chair Rob Jones handily won re-election Tuesday, making him the longest sitting top official in the modern history of this county.

Jones has previously won twice as sole commissioner and this marks twice as the commission chair. He defeated Bill Newton three of the times, including Tuesday where Jones took 2,384 votes to Newton’s 1,598.  Jones received 60 percent of the votes cast.

Following the outcome, Jones said “his job” is what he credits for his long popularity with voters. He said he has always worked hard for the county and treated everyone fairly and he believed that voters recognize that.