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General news and features

Jasper Farmers Market will be at Roper Park during Marble Fest


Bunny Johnson and Kelly Jones from J & J Farms

By Darla Huffman    

            October 1, next Saturday, the farmers market will be held in Roper Park while carnival rides occupy the usual location. Open from 7:30 am to 12:00 noon, leaving plenty of time to enjoy the Marble Festival activities. The park is near the corner of Camp and Refuge Road, across from Pickens Middle School. Tell a friend and share the word that we have not closed just because it’s October and will be back in our Church Street location for the rest of the month.
     Good news for tomato lovers; Jackie Cantrell said he would have vine-ripened tomatoes until frost!  His late crop is producing well and should continue.  There were also green ones to fry for sale.  The Cantrells have other vegetables for sale plus boiled peanuts and fried pies.  They are usually at the Wednesday market so they will probably be at the last one, September 28.  

Property taxes going up 10.4%

Commissioners trim slightly following public furor

    Commission Chair Rob Jones listens to a question Thursday on the property tax increase, as Becky Denney and Jerry Barnes look on.
    Speaking from the audience at the final hearing on a county property tax increase, Edwin Weaver told how he had gone to the grocery store to buy six steaks.
    When the clerk told him he lacked the cash, he agreed he didn’t have the money but that “it is in my budget.” You don’t get the steaks without the money, he said, telling the commissioners the county needs to start eating ground beef instead of steak we can’t afford, to a roomful of applause.
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Historical Ghost Walk Tour at the Old Pickens County Jail


By Alice Chapman Newgen
   Murray County Paranormal Investigations recently determined that paranormal activity was evident at the Old Pickens County Jail and the Quinton-Kirby Cabin that is located next to the jail. Pickens County Progress reporter Angela Reinhardt and a few members of the Marble Valley Historical Society were present during the investigation and saw firsthand MCPI gathering evidence from the hunt.

Georgians stand with native water protectors


 Alaskan Natives Canoe into Protectors Camp. Pickens resident Ben Jones of Whitestone Farm travelled to Standing Rock to protest construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. He has started a GoFundMe page, Portable Camp for Earth Protectors, to support the cause.


By Glen Law and Ben Jones

    A new war has emerged in the past years, one that so far has had corporate and governmental interest on one side and the Earth with all her living relatives on the other side. Pollution from oil spills, nuclear power plant meltdowns, and fracking have ruined the quality of lives for people around the globe and have permanently destroyed thriving ecosystems.

Gas availability still spotty here

Residents asked to maintain regular fuel consumption


Running on fumes - Pickens motorists have been scrambling to find gas as many stations around the county are either low or completely out.

Pickens County is one of many southeastern communities struggling with spotty fuel availability at gas stations, but state and local leaders – who are urging residents not to panic and hoard supply - expects the gas supply problems to be short-lived.
    The shortages are a result of a fuel pipeline leak in Alabama that was discovered on Sept. 9. The Colonial Pipeline, which had to be closed for repairs, is one of two main lines that transports fuel from oil refineries near the Gulf Coast to the metro Atlanta area then up the east coast.

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