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Wild Hog still footloose in residential area



This photo was taken with a trail cam on Monday, Feb. 21 at a Main Street residence in Jasper.

Update: As of March 2, the urban wild boar that is calling residential Jasper home was still roaming free. See this week's Progress to read about the challenges of capturing the wild pig that came to town.  


Some residents on South Main Street in Jasper have Porky on the brain after wild hogs have been spotted with a trail cam in the dense residential area.

     Nearly a week ago one homeowner noticed visible signs of the creatures. This resident said he found part of his yard destroyed, with the ground dug up and noticeable hog tracks near the site

     A trail cam was set up at the residence, which captured several images of the animal. There is some speculation from trappers, however, that there is more than one hog in the downtown area.

     We will be following this story through the weekend and will have a full version in next week’s print edition.


AJM #89
0 #11 AJM #89 2011-03-06 19:46
Could this be Arnold's cousin from Green Acres?
Groundhog Day
0 #12 Groundhog Day 2011-03-07 13:45
Wild hogs can be dangerous. Kind of worrying to hear about one of them roaming a residential area.
Not A Babe
0 #13 Not A Babe 2011-03-10 22:17
Catching & releasing a wild hog, especially one who has become so savvy is a really bad idea. Personally I think the animal needs to be humanely killed. If releasing is the only option the animal should be neutered so it can not reproduce. Wild pigs are becoming a very real problem for both people and other wild life.
+1 #14 Elisa 2011-03-11 08:12
Hollie Matson, in the Mosiac law, people were forbidden to eat pork. Then Jesus' death fulfilled the law, and no longer would dietary rules, sacrifices, circumcision or the things laid out in the law, given to Moses by God, bring salvation from our sins. We can no longer have a salvation of works; the law was a tutor given by God. We are told in the New Testament that he would attempts to keep one part of the law, e.g. abstaining from pork, is a debtor to keep the whole law, which never was or will be possible. God knew it was impossible. We aren't good enough. The apostles sought God and saw fit not to impose the law of Moses on believers. We are to be holy, abstain from sin, particularly sexual immorality of all kinds, but abstaining from pork is only a personal thing. If you want to, you can, but don't impose it as a religious or biblical thing to do. It just isn't the whole picture.

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