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Pickens County TEA Party to meet Feb. 22



Submitted by the Pickens County TEA Party


Every fourth Tuesday of each month the Pickens County Tea Party holds a meeting.  Included in that meeting is an educational program relating to some issue, either local, state  or federal.  Member involvement is recognized and encouraged.  Ideas for how our group can impact our community are discussed.  A library is available for members to read some of the books heard about every day that are supposed to "tell all the facts".  Our flag is saluted and a prayer is offered to our Creator to give us wisdom, love, understanding and the energy to do the right thing.

We have waved signs--about our 12 Pickens County voting precincts.  We plan to hold another TAX DAY RALLY on April 15th.  But honestly now, have you ever seen a bunch of wild, grazed, hate filled Tea Party members roaming the streets of Jasper spewing hate and government overthrow?

Starting with our February 22nd meeting, we are enlarging our outreach in our community by offering two easy ways to do something now for our community. 1. The 4H Clubs of Pickens County are involved in a contest to see which 4H Club can collect the most aluminum pop tops off soda or other beverage cans.  Last year, they collected 550 pounds which was added to other 4H Clubs in GA to total thousands more pounds and raise $9000 to support Ronald McDonald Houses.  2. Our CARES program in Pickens County is always in need of food and donations.  At each meeting, we will have a collection bin for non-perishable & canned items or a donation jar for cash or checks.  These will be delivered to the CARES office and donated on behalf of people who care.


So you see, the Pickens County Tea Party is not out to destroy America and take it back to 1776: we are here to participate in the good idea programs that encourage community participation and to Educate and Inform our community, whether government, education, taxes etc., so that they are MOTIVATED to act.  This is what our Founding Fathers gave us; a Republic of individuals who can choose for themselves and decide on a course of action if given the TRUTH.

Come join our meetings; it will cost you some time, some pop tops, some canned goods but you will receive more than you may choose to give.  All meetings are free to anyone who wants to "fundamentally change" America by encouraging free enterprise, free choice, individual freedom to act, and curbing spending money we don't have.  Next meeting is March 22nd at Chattahoochee Technical College beginning at 7 p.m.  See you there.


0 #1 Bunn 2011-02-19 16:25
What is the point of having this, unless WE ARE GOING TO TAKE IT BACK TO 1776!!!! People are starving and becoming destitute, people that don't deserve it! Its time to open your eyes and make our voices heard. And don't insult my ancestors or yours that died for this land, laid down their fortunes, homes and families to have this right to rally!
jeff kirves
+4 #2 jeff kirves 2011-02-19 21:26
keep up the good work
James Faulk
-3 #3 James Faulk 2011-02-21 10:42
Regarding Bunn's comment. Going back to 1776 is a stupid comment and lacks any sense of reality. Moreover, Its people like you who are the only terrorist I am interested in fighting. People are starving because they are ignorant and/or made poor decisions in life. There is no free lunch. This land you speak of was gained by killing millions of native americans, blacks, men, women and children. I am glad you did not include "God" in your sentences. Thank you very much. US Marine War Combatant

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