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School board hires firm to assist with search for new superintendent; Hopes to make offer to someone by spring break


The school board has a hired an outside company to “assist” with their search for a new superintendent of Pickens County schools, following a called meeting last week.

School Board chairperson Wendy Lowe announced at the close of their regular meeting Thursday that they would use King and Cooper, a company that has worked on 27 superintendent searches in Georgia, to help find a replacement for Mike Ballew, who retired at the end of last year.

The board decided to use the outside company to help notify other school systems in Georgia and surrounding states of the vacancy as well as complete background checks of potential candidates at the called meeting. 

Board Member John Trammell made clear at the regular meeting that the board is using this firm to "assist" not lead in the hiring process.

Lowe discussed how King and Cooper will be used in a followup interview. The board has also prepared a document "Superintendent of Schools Job Qualifications."

See a complete story on the superintendent search in tomorrow's print edition.


+2 #1 Elle 2011-02-16 07:23
Hopefully this will keep the "politics" out of the superintendant search. We need proven leadership and experience.
+3 #2 edge 2011-02-16 09:58
Definitely, not Cousin Clem up in Fannin County who has awful lot of skoolin and bring their kin folk to the Pickens Employment Agency aka skool board.

I'd like to see a "not as adversarial" version of Cherokee's superintendent Dr. Petruzielo or a known leading educator that brings academic rigor and raised accountability and moral consequences on the campuses and personnel.
Wayne Eaton
0 #3 Wayne Eaton 2011-02-24 07:08
One of the assistants we already have should be promoted and his duties shared by the remainder. Pickens county's bottomless pit of money will dry up one day. When property taxes run the good country people out it's over. Bank foreclosures will run the rest out and people will soon be too smart to take our place rife with inflated values and taxes.

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