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Highway 53 West, Cove and Monument remain icy; Most roads passable with caution, says Fire Chief


Fire Chief Bob Howard said at 8 a.m. this morning that most roads were passable with caution and all roads should improve quickly today as the temperatures rise and sun hits icy patches.

But, he said Highway 53 West at Hill City, Cove Road from the intersection at Burnt Mountain to the top of the S-Curves near the Grandview Road intersection and Monument Road were all still extremely slick at 8 a.m. He said fire and sheriff personnel were stationed at those spots to slow drivers down.

All roads may still have some icy patches, he said.

Howard reported four small “fender-benders”  at the time of the interview.


0 #1 jerry 2011-02-11 09:44
at 5am yesterday i contacted pickens county emergency dispatch to get a road update on monument and was told that they had no reports of icey spots. kinda funny because when i checked with my atv after the call it was all a lie. monument road was snowed over till the sun finally melted the snow. i contacted dispatch again and notified them the co rd dept needs to come up and i notified dawson co as well on monument roads situation as we have station 8 our volunteer station for the wild cat community. please remind ppl dont treat the roads here up top like a drag way slow way way down and if you dont live in developments up here stay away it only makes it worse if ppl travel up here to horse around. thank you..

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