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County cracking down on illegal dumping





“We need to raise awareness and get this under control,” says county marshal



Shown are hundreds of pounds of trash at a large illegal dumpsite on Carns Mill Road off Hwy 515.

     In the last year Pickens County Marshal Jim Harvey has written 43 citations for illegally dumping trash inside county lines.

   Now Harvey is on a mission to inform the public about the seriousness of the problem and the potential severity of littering fines and imprisonment. He also wants to encourage people to report suspicious activity if they see it to aid in future investigations.

   “We need to raise awareness and get this under control,” he said. “It’s just getting completely out of hand.” Harvey says he has been so busy pursuing illegal dumpers that he has been unable to focus on his other primary responsibility as marshal, that of collecting delinquent taxes from pre-bill mobile homes, which is says is costing the county thousands of dollars.

You can more about Harvey’s efforts in this week’s print edition.


+1 #1 michelle 2011-02-01 18:15
If the charge for disposing of trash was looked at closely
and reajusted this would be a cleaner community
Bob Schiedler
+2 #2 Bob Schiedler 2011-02-03 09:31
I agree with Michelle. County has made tons of money on waste disposal over the years and if they made it easier for citizens, there would be less of a mess to clean up. I don't like illegal dump sites but when times are hard, folks are going to spend money on food and utilities, not $1 per bag of garbage.
+1 #3 steve 2011-02-07 21:37
With the recent crackdown against burning trash, it seems that Pickens Co. residents have fewer choices for waste disposal. The garbage services seem to have monopoly like territories with little true competition for business (only one garbage service serves the area where I live, and I have been unhappy with their service). The $1 per bag the county charges is outrageous! I've found it cheaper to haul my trash out of the county than to use the in-county services.
0 #4 kenny 2011-02-08 14:32
What kind of person throws trash out like that?
0 #5 Brandy 2011-02-17 21:17
We moved to the area a year ago this month and I have to admit the price for garbage service for one month here is higher than the cost of three months of service in our old hometown. I am not talking about a small country town either. Forsyth county is one of the fastest and most expensive areas to live financially in most cases yet the trash service increase was jaw dropping. We are kind of grateful we live in town and have little bit of a break compaired to our friends who live outside city limits and face higher cost and spotty service at best.

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