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Help your school system to help our kids, says Pickens Tea Party

By Nancy Davis

Tea Party publicity


The Pickens County Tea Party wants to know why the United States has dropped to 35th in the world in quality of education?  Why are we building SUPER, million dollar complexes and spending a higher amount of money per student without seeing the positive results of a better, smarter young person?

What we need is QUALITY education, not quantity buildings.  QUALITY must be the ruler we use to determine learning environment we give our students.                         

Learning used to be fun. Parents used to get involved. Testing was done but there was not a life or death attitude in getting every child into college.

Maybe we lose some of our kids, not because they don't care or aren't smart enough, but because the emphasis on a college education is not necessarily the best answer for every child. So what we need to do is go back to determining who the individual child is and what their needs are.

Hence, National School Choice Week January 23-29, 2011. Let's take time to look at the educational systems and begin to provide effective educational options for EVERY child.  Visit your schools, listen to the teachers, observe classes, observe use of available facilities and see if our children are getting all the options available.

Much money has been spent to provide technical schools in areas.  Chattahoochee Technical College here in our community provides excellent opportunities for our kids (and adults) and supports our communities through providing additional options for many students who don't want, or can't, attend college.

Our drop in the educational ladder of the world has put America in a tight to produce that innovative, out of the box mentality that once fueled America to be the leader in the world. Shine a spotlight on education.

Help your school system to help our kids effectively.

In Pickens County, about 2/3rds of our taxes goes to education. Budgets get bigger and maintenance costs get higher.  Budgets balloon but are our schools giving our kids what they need?

You have to get involved to make an informed decision.

Wendy Lowe is now our new Pickens County School Board Chairperson.

The time of the monthly board meetings is going to 7 p.m. to try to allow PARENTS to get involved in their children's education.  A new, fresh perspective-much needed.

But it is our responsibility to support new ideas if it creates a better environment of learning for our children.  Home schools, private schools, public school, Christian based schools-all must come together to give our children the best opportunities to become educated, productive adults.

Are you up to the task?  The Pickens County Tea Party thinks we must EDUCATE ourselves to get up to speed and make the best opportunities we can for our kids.  After all, they are the future of America.

Do we want to be 35th in the world or 1st?



Jim Walden
+1 #1 Jim Walden 2011-01-28 17:02
I am wondering "WHY" with all the so called emphasis towards education in Pickens Co., a friend of mine who has been attending the GED classes at the Tech school for over 6 months was informed this morning when they came to class that they were being discontinued with out any explaination... .??? Prehaps this would be of interest to your readers. If you don't know the reasoning behind this total assinine deceision, could you please direct me to the City or County officials who deceided this was in the best interest of the citizens. Prehaps Ms. Davis the reason for the 35th place in educational quality rests not with the citizens try to make an effort to improve their lives with a better education, but with the officals controlling the purse strings. I just need one name of an offical I can contact regarding this ridiculous deceison... Thnnks for your time ...
0 #2 daddyrabbit 2011-03-24 08:17
I think that one step in the right direction would be to have judge Weaver punish the teachers for failing to do their job instead of punishing the kids for their failing grades. Quality teachers make quality schools.

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