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Four suspects arrested following Jasper home invasion

Jasper detectives working with the Marietta Police Department have arrested four suspects for an armed home invasion robbery at Mountainside Manor apartments January 3.

Police Chief Greg Lovell said through an anonymous tip, cooperation with the Cobb County agency and solid detective work, they were able to have everyone involved in the Jan. 3 crime arrested and in jail by Jan. 6.

“This was a major bust, something we don’t see here,” Lovell said. The chief stressed that this was an isolated incident with no ties to other crimes or reason for the general public to be alarmed.

Lovell said it began with a call from three male residents of Mountainside Manor Apartment (near the hospital). They described being robbed after two black males burst in with handguns. Lovell said the description of the suspects didn’t fit any local pattern.

The armed robbers stole laptop computers, cash, “anything they could easily put into a bag,” Lovell said.

“I said something doesn’t fit here. This isn’t the description of suspects we would have here,” the chief said.

Detective Matt Dawkins said a break came with an anonymous tip connecting the home invaders to a pair of Pickens females, both juveniles. “They had some relationship with the suspects,” said Lovell.

Dawkins said using Facebook he was able to gather information about those involved and further identify the suspects, who went by the names Fly and Ja.

Working with Marietta Police, the suspects were identified as they were known to law enforcement agents there for outstanding warrants and as suspects in other, Dawkins said.

He said the Jasper Police with Marietta Police and their 15-member SWAT team including snipers served warrants on the pair of suspects using flash bang grenade and busting through the door.

Arrested there were Jael Gates and Ira Hanna, both 19-years-old and of Marietta.

“We took two very bad individuals off the street,” Lovell said. The pair faces armed robbery and aggravated assault charges here, plus numerous other charges for crimes in Cobb, Douglas and Fulton counties. The pair was found with a quarter-pound of marijuana and will face drug charges as well.

Also facing charges as juveniles are both females. Dawkins said they are still working with the DA here on the charges and whether one of the pair might be charged as adults. The names were not released as both are still considered juveniles at this point.

According to the investigation, the pair of juvenile females had some connection to the suspects and to the victims. The females had identified the apartment that was to be robbed knowing who lived there.

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+4 #1 mountainpass 2011-01-16 10:10
Is this one of the suspects?

If so he spent over a year in the Fulton County Jail. For someone to spend that long in that jail means he was a bad fellow. The man suspected of killing State Trooper LeCroy was arrested 19 times in Fulton, and never spent that much time in jail.
Autumn Roberts
0 #2 Autumn Roberts 2011-01-18 11:45
i just read this article and was wondering could this be related to the incident that happend to me at the SAME location my purse was stolen with cash and jewelry and my I.D. inside!
+6 #3 Water-Dog 2011-01-20 23:06
Juvenile my backside; They stoped being children when they picked up Real-Guns; 25 to life

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