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Bird house event coming in March


By Linda Barnes

Publicity, Sharptop Arts Association


The FEATHERED EVENT BIRD HOUSE COMPETITION 2010 was so much fun and received such phenomenal participation that we are busy organizing a 2011 Feathered Event. Last year we were very careful not to submit any pictures of birdhouses because we wanted creativity to fly…  and fly it did!  Wow.alt

Due to the really diverse entries in 2010 we decided to add categories for entry and judging to allow more houses to win prize money.

The categories are: non-functional, functional, fine art, and yard art.

Yes, YARD ART!  Our feathered friends do appreciate a good feeder, bath or something fun to gaze at too.  You will choose your categories when you submit your entries for judging...just in case the creative process takes you in a different direction from when you submitted your application.

You may submit up to 3 creations in each category.  There will once again be cash awards for each category and for best in show.  We will also have an item for sale that will include all the winners, so bragging rights are once again on the line.


We are considering either tote bags with all the images or something along those lines.

The criteria for entries will still be the larger than 2 feet by 2 feet (plus or minus an inch or two is fine) Dimensions do not take into account stands.  Entry fee is $5 per entry submitted.  You may submit up to 3 creations in each category. Important dates to note: Application due/postmarked by March 1. Entry must be submitted on or before March 20 by 5 p.m. at Burnt Mountain Trading Company  (early drop offs possible).

·   The Feathered Event - Friday, April 15, 2011 from 5-9pm at Burnt Mountain Trading Co.

George the Carpenter is on hand at BMTC to offer assistance in building your birdhouse or yard art structure.

His classes are limited to 2-3 people and are $29 not including materials for one session.  You can bring your own supplies or use his.  Call BMTC at 706-253-6955 and leave your contact info and George will call you to find out what times work best for you.

These classes are perfect for someone who has an idea of what direction they want to go in but don't have the tools to get the project started.

Happy building and don't hesitate to call (Royce) at BMTC for more details-706-253-6955.  Applications will be on the Sharptop Arts Association ( and Burnt  Mountain Trading Company ( websites by January 1. Or you can pick one up at either location.

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