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Letters to the Editor


Dear Editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to commend the director, staff and volunteers of the Pickens County Animal Shelter, along with Dr. Chester and his staff, for the hard work and dedication put into the March 14 vaccination clinic and fundraiser. The generosity of all involved, as well as the community, was astonishing. Folks from around the county donated yard sale items and baked goods which were auctioned off. All of the proceeds went to “Partners of Pickens Pets,” a local 501(c)3 organization which supports the animal shelter. The event raised more than $2,000 toward supplementing the operations of the shelter, which in turn saves lives and tax dollars.

A huge “thank you” and note of appreciation should also be extended to the local businesses that supported the event. Those businesses include Community Bank of Pickens County, United Community Bank, Renasant Bank, WYYZ radio, WLJA radio, Sheryl Messner CPA, Weaver Family Investments, Inc .(Subway Restaurant Holdings), Subway restaurants of Jasper and Singleton Food Services, ETC Communications, The Pickens County Progress, Speed Burger, Kroger and R&R Body Shops, Debs Bakery and Laundry Queens laundry suppliers.    Also, thank you to Sheriff Donnie Craig and the entire Pickens County Sheriff’s Office for their donation of supplies and equipment to make the event possible.

Day after day, our shelter saves lives, reunites pets with their owners and makes our community more “fur friendly.”  We are a blessed county indeed, in so many ways.



Jody D Weaver

Pickens County Resident 

Volunteer & Board Member

Partners of Pickens Pets, Inc.


Dear Editor:

Our porch at Pickens County Animal Shelter is almost completed, and I would like to thank all of the people who donated time and materials to this project:

Mike Collette at North Georgia Concrete, Williams’ Brothers Concrete, Fairmount Poultry and Lumber Supply, Home Depot (Jasper); Labor - Dave Patrick and Ray Champitta.

Thank you from myself and the staff at Pickens County Animal Shelter.


Philip Tippens, Director

Pickens County Animal Control



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