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Letters to the Editor

 Dear Editor:

Humans need lots of water and we make poo. We put the poo into a septic tank or a public sewer and don’t spend much time thinking about it.

If you have ever served in government, you know how the issues of water supply and poo are key to just about everything that happens. You cannot build a house or a business or a public building unless you solve the key issues of water supply and what you are going to do with the poo.

In Pickens County water supply is a big  deal because there isn’t much.

Most public water is pumped here from surrounding counties. The city of Jasper has a small permit for water out of Long Swamp Creek. Private water is usually out of wells drilled into the ground.

A permit allows cities, and counties, and authorities, and businesses to pump water out of the streams and wells if it has rained pretty good. The permit is sort of revoked during droughts and the amounts allowed to be taken are reduced to keep streams levels at some minimum. Keep in mind that just about every river in Georgia is also the dump for treated water.   That is why the men down in Columbus feel pretty frisky with all the free resurrection drugs.

You cannot take all the water out of a stream because then you have no place to dilute the slightly contaminated treated sewer water that was used to transport poo. So there is new a lower limit of water “take” during droughts.

Very little water is impounded in Pickens. When it rains within about five days the water has run off and headed south. With money and permits from the feds and the state more water could be captured and stored. But dams are now seen as evil things and getting one built is about impossible because of the governmental red tape.

The current water wars with Florida and Alabama are important to Pickens because they will ultimately impact how much water will be available. My guess is that water will be ever more key to sustaining the population already here. Significant population increases will not be possible  until supply is increased or consumption per citizen is reduced. No major business which requires large amounts of water will even consider this area.

I will be writing an exciting  discussion of poo and the poo challenge. Stand by.

Gary Pichon


Dear Editor: 

What a surprise! On the morning of February 6, I and two other senior citizen families awoke to find that there is such a thing as a Mailbox Fairy. There on the ground, on Carlan Rd. lay the battered bodies of three juvenile mailboxes less than six years old. They were barely recognizable as being as useful as they had been in their short lives. 



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