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Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor:
    Recently there have been ads by both candidates for the office of Coroner in regards to being a current active deputy coroner.
    It is true that Mr. McKinney has been through the required certification and is currently certified as a deputy coroner; however he has not been called upon by me to perform the duties of a deputy coroner since June 2014.  In his ad he stated that this was not by his choice but mine and that is correct.  Mr. McKinney has the full qualifications to respond to a call if I chose to call him.  In 2014 Mr. McKinney accepted a job offer in Marietta and in some instances would cause an undue delay in responding to a scene if he was at work.
    Mr. Godfrey who was recently appointed as deputy coroner is currently responding to calls to investigate deaths.  Mr. McKinney referenced a law at the bottom of his ad that stated “Under Title 45, The Georgia Death Investigation Act 45-16-66 No person serving as coroner shall charge or collect any fee, charge, or cost of any kind for his services, including those fees specified in this article, unless such person is a certified coroner. 
    45-16-1 (b)(G) states that the coroner has  successfully completed the next scheduled class no longer than 180 days after such person’s election or appointment a basic training course provided by the Georgia Police Academy, but the affidavit required by paragraph (2) of this subsection shall not be required to affirm that the requirements of this subparagraph have been met at the time of qualifying for the office of coroner.”
    Mr. McKinney was sworn in as my deputy September 7, 2007 but was not able to attend the next scheduled class at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center until the first week of December that same year.  I allowed Mr. McKinney to investigate deaths during that time.  
    Mr. Godfrey’s situation is no different. He was appointed as deputy coroner and is within the 180 day grace period to become certified.  Until he attends the required training he is working under my supervision and guidance.   
    Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve you during the past 12 years.

Kevin W. Roper
Pickens County Coroner

Dear Editor:
    While the devil's champs are making chumps of the American people and the addled governments, the use of personal computers in the hands of normal, average Americans is growing. More and more individual Americans are rising up to challenge evil governments, groups,and people....

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