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Tea: The house wine of the South

Tea trumps coffee at local restaurants


    Speed Burger employee Camille Johnson stirs up a batch of sweet tea before the restaurant opens.
    Once upon a sweet time there was tea.
    Not sweet tea or half and half, just tea – and it was always sweet. Our Southern heritage, like our tea, has been diluted a bit but many of us still consider tea – that brown drink served from a big pitcher and sweetened with good old-fashioned cane sugar – the epitome of a classic drink. 


    Connoisseurs of classic Southern tea will tell you their favorite spot to procure the best tasting tea, whether it’s in their own kitchen or at a local restaurant. Many restaurant owners say they go through gallons upon gallons of the sweet elixir daily, especially in summer, and customers keep coming back for more. The drink is quickly passing coffee as the favorite of locals in area restaurants.

See the print or online editions for comments from local restaurant owners about all things tea.

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