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Woodbridge Inn owner seeks investors for major upgrades



The Woodbridge Inn and Restaurant owner, Hans Rueffert, stands in the lawn of his Jasper business. 

    Hoping to maintain the legacy of The Woodbridge Inn, which his family has owned and operated for decades, Chef Hans Rueffert has some large-scale plans to transform the historic venue with kitchen upgrades and areas for special events and entertainment.


    “My recurring health issues, the uncertainty of the economy, and the general business climate have made it necessary to rethink every part of running The Woodbridge Inn,” Rueffert said. “It simply cannot continue unless major changes are made. With a new business plan, The Woodbridge Inn hopes to be able to continue to serve the residents of Pickens County, Jasper and our surrounding communities.”
    Rueffert’s reorganization plans include adding a full bar with both indoor and outdoor service, along with an outdoor food and beverage seating area. Updated kitchen equipment and a new wait station are also planned. 
    In addition, Rueffert intends to add a wedding and special events pavillion and transform the lodge’s pool into a special events and entertainment area with additional parking.
    “We are not changing the heart and feel of the restaurant, just making necessary repairs, improvements, and adding amenities that will help make it viable and competitive,” Rueffert said. “We aren’t changing anything people love about The Woodbridge Inn.”
    The Rueffert family, which has overseen the restaurant for 39 years, will maintain controlling interest over the project and  investors have already pledged 70 percent of the $200,000 they hope to raise to fund the re-organization.
    “My promise to (investors) is this: For their financial support I will continue to give the full extent of my knowledge, time, and enthusiasm to The Woodbridge Inn to insure its future. Along with your financial support and the involvement of the Center Cut Restaurant Group as the Managing Partner, The Woodbridge Inn can continue to serve Jasper and Pickens County the way it has since 1880.
    “Through this reorganization, I truly believe that The Woodbridge Inn and Restaurant can continue to be a testament to our faith in each other and this community.”
    To invest in a part of Jasper’s  history and future, contact Hans at 706-253-6293 or come out for the investor meeting June 10 at 6 p.m. at The Woodbridge.

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