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"Stop & Drop" Saturday at animal shelter



Pickens County Animal Shelter Director Cindy Wilson with one of dozens of cats and kittens up for adoption.


By Nancy Davis
Pickens County Animal Shleter

    Saturday, May 25, will be the Stop & Drop donation day at your Pickens County Animal Shelter located at 3563 Camp Road in Jasper. We hope you will bring all those “found” items from home as a result of your spring cleaning and drop them at the shelter to help benefit the community effort to make our shelter a great place to volunteer and help animals who cannot help themselves.


    A group has formed called Friends of the Pickens County Animal Shelter. The purpose of the group is to support the Pickens County Sheriff’s Office in the continued efforts on behalf of abandoned and abused animals left, dropped or picked up by our Animal Control officers.  Sadly, this is not a “no-kill” shelter but it is a place where these animals are humanely treated, accessed, housed, socialized and adopted out to good homes for those that are healthy and can be saved. The shelter director works with agencies wherever possible, here and throughout the country, to find homes for the animals.
    The Pickens County Sheriff’s Office runs and maintains the shelter within the budget re straints of the county. After the previous need to cut the budget of the county by a million dollars, the department found even less available funds to do improvements and offer “extras” to the animals. This is where the Friends of the Pickens County Animal Shelter step in; finding money, towels, beds, plants, canned food, building materials or whatever is identified by the shelter director, Cindy Wilson.  
    Rather than cash contributions which entail hours of paperwork, we suggest gift cards; Walmart gift or money cards which can be used to purchase needed pet items; Home Depot gift cards which are redeemable for garden supplies, building supplies, paint and/or outdoor supplies; Pet Smart cards or supplies. The possibilities are endless. When you go to buy food for your cat or dog, purchase a few cans of wet food extra to donate. Don’t throw away old towels or blankets, drop them off on May 25.
    For further information or a complete list of items needed, please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We hope that you will get into the community spirit and become a Friend of the Pickens County Animal Shelter.  Help our sheriff’s department who constantly is there for you to do this great work in our community.
    Canned cat and dog foods, any brands, large crates; large dog runs; flea and tick treatment; rubber latex gloves; metal food bowls (large for dogs, medium and small for cats, kittens,and puppies; chew treats; pooper scoopers; toys for cats and dogs; dog harnesses - all sizes; collars - all sizes; grooming supplies; leashes; rawhides; nylabones; tennis balls; worming meds (check with administrator for details); puppy and kitten formulas with bottles and nipples; blankets/towels; cat litter; rubbing alcohol; laundry detergent; bleach; we need a see through door for the cat room; paper towels; hand soap; storage shelves; scrub brushes; off the floor dog beds (please check with shelter for sizes); brooms, mops, squeegies; live indoor plants - hanging or potted; Comet and Ajax; garbage bags; E-Z Up tent canopy for adoption events; storage containers; Q tips; cotton balls; interior spruce-up - paint, painting supplies, volunteers to paint (check with shelter for color selections), window valances, etc.; shampoo (pet); puppy training pads bulletin boards.
    We are also in need of contributions for chain link fencing,  outside solar spotlights to secure the area for safety and front door awning. Materials for above ground flower beds, mulch, garden tools, landscape rocks and stone. Can you help? Also upgraded hard drives, printers, rechargeable batteries and chargers.
    Donations of cash or by check are appreciated. Please help however and whenever you can. Thank you!

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