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Why does your mom deserve a makeover?

Jasper businesses unite for Mother’s Day Makeover essay contest



       Do you think your mom is the best thing since sliced bread? If you can sum up her awesomeness in a short essay she may win a free makeover and gifts courtesy of several downtown businesses.
    “We have been here for eight months and we’re doing so much better than what we had hoped for,” said John Watkins, who co-owns Coco’s Cottage with wife Nancy. “We have just felt really welcomed in the community and wanted to give back in some way and they thought Mother’s Day was a


perfect time to do it. Both of our mothers have passed away, and we think this will be a good way to give someone’s mom a good uplifting day.” 
    The Watkins said other Jasper businesses were quick to jump on board with the contest, and that if other vendors are interested in donating a good or service to contact them at their store.
    Participating businesses include Burnt Mountain Trading Company, Coco’s Cottage, North West Salon, Jasper Drug, The Carriage House, Moore Furniture, Natural Marketplace, Sunsations, Somatics Therapy Center, Millie’s Diner, Weeks Jewelry and Body By Vi.
    The grand prize winner will receive a full makeover, which includes hair and makeup from North West Salon, an outfit from Coco’s Cottage, a massage from Somatics, dinner and other gifts.
    The second and third place winners will receive gifts from other participating businesses.
    All you have to do is write an essay about why your mom is the greatest and send it to or take it by Coco’s Cottage at 30 North Main Street, Jasper, Ga., 30143 for consideration by a panel of judges by the deadline on Friday, May 10.
     Mothers must be residents of Pickens County.
    Coco’s Cottage can be reached at 706-253-2243.


Ellen Welsh
0 #1 Ellen Welsh 2013-05-04 12:21
My beautiful mother (now in her early 70's) lost her beloved husband, my step dad last Thanksgiving. He had a terminal illness which forced her to retire early. After raising 7 children, her retirement consisted of sole care giver, nurse, yard slave, chaffeur, shopper, fixer of all. When Dave died it was devastating to her. She's sad. She's alone. Us kids are sad and feel incredibly helpless. We all live far away, except for me - I'm at least an hour away and work full time w/limited days off. I would love to honor my beautiful mom and I think this is an incredible gift! It would lift her spirits. Dave was a 20 yr. military vetran and he now rests in Dolly Cooper Vetrans Cemetary(Anders on) buried w/full honors/taps, etc. It's a long drive. Mom also takes care of 5 aging animals - more saddness to come. She really deserves some attention on HER - she would never admit it tho. I would be honored if you would PLEASE consider her for this incredible gift. 864-430-3410 my cell.
Valerie Morris
0 #2 Valerie Morris 2013-05-04 16:18
I would like to nominate my step-mom, Corinne Honaker of Pickens for the Mom Makeover. Corinne has been my step-mom for 40 years. Even with seven kids and a full time job, she managed to stay in one piece!! We all graduated high school and some went off to college or the military. Recently, my dad passed away in Novemeber 2012. He had a long illness that required a full time caregiver, Corinne decide to retire early and be take that position. Yes, a nurse could have been hired, but she loved my dad even though he drove her crazy at times, She always put him first. Being with my dad was more important than trips, seeing grandchildren graduate or even getting her hair cut (ok, by a professional). I will always be grateful to her non-stop attention she gave my dad, especially in his last days.
Corinne always gives whatever she does a 100%. Ask the folks she volunteers with at the Christian Ministries. Again, putting others before herself.
Jeanene Drury Doran
0 #3 Jeanene Drury Doran 2013-05-04 20:41
My mother , Corinne Honaker has been a role model to not only me and my two sisters but my step sisters and brothers as well. She moved to Pickens in 1974 and had her hands full raising 7 children. She taught us by example, she stressed education, self respect and hard work. She let us know that we could let life happen to us or we could happen to our life. That has motivated me and my siblings to become the best we all could be. After retiring about 10 years ago my step Dad became very ill and she lovingly took care of him and fought for the very best health care for him adding years to his life before he died last year. She uses her skills to volunteers at a medical clinic getting medications for people who can not afford to buy on their own. She has adopted so many stray animals I have lost count. My mom has never put herself first, second or even third and I would love to see my mom honored,
0 #4 EDITOR: 2013-05-06 11:52
While we certainly appreciate the comments in regards to the Mother's Day Makeover Contest, we want to clarify that all submissions for this contest must be delivered to Coco's Cottage in Jasper by Friday, May 10. Coco's Cottage is located at 30 N. Main Street, Jasper, Ga. 30143 or at 706-253-2443.

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