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Motorists need to watch for potholes on Camp Road




City of Jasper Water Dept. employees re-routing lines on Camp Road. County crews will be re-paving this road when the lines are re-connected.



      Motorists are advised to slow down and watch for potholes and work along Camp Road, between the jail and the community center, for the next several weeks.
    Commissioner Rob Jones said Camp Road was already in poor repair and waterline re-routing underway by the City of Jasper has made it even worse. The city crews are re-routing the main line and re-connecting all the houses. This work has required digging up some sections of the existing asphalt.


    The city is wrapping up their work moving waterlines from underneath the existing roadway to the shoulder. The waterlines had been put beneath the roadway years ago and have been a constant source of trouble with leaks and damaged asphalt.
    Jones said there were 43 potholes in the road before the waterline construction and that number may have grown.
    At least one driver contacted the county to say they had ruined a tire by hitting one of the potholes recently. Jones said this is considered a standard road hazard with the county not liable. He said people need to slow down for the next several weeks even when they don’t see crews at work due to the poor condition of the road surface.
    Once the city is finished with the waterline relocation, the county will re-pave the road as part of a joint county-city project.

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+3 #1 John 2013-04-25 00:13
I bet we have more potholes on Allred Mill Road!!! Our road resembles one out of a 3rd world country... Pickens County tax dollars "not at work"
+2 #2 pothole 2013-04-25 20:50
Well if Mr. Jones would get out of his office and drive around, he would issue an all points bulletin on most of the roads in the county. Camp road has been terrible for along time. How about Refuge, Henderson Mountain, Allred Mill, Petit Road (Jordans Crossing side), Burnt Mountain Rd. The sad thing is Mr. Jones is like all Politicians out of touch with reality. I am sure most Pickens County Citizens would prefer better roads to drive on that to have a polished Turd for a Court House. Maybe the new Commissioners need to put a magnifying glass on the road department and see what Mr. Collis does. Pickens County has been run into the ground with mismanagement, and the "good ole boy" system prevailing. I guess the road crew will continue patching the pot holes with Mr. Jones "Smoke and Mirrors".

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