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Pickens library "filled to the gills"


    Left: On a busy day after school, vehicles fill the parking lot at the Pickens County Library.

An expansion is targeted as a future SPLOST project.

    Visit the Pickens County Library at the busy time of day and you’d be hard pressed to find an empty computer. If you’re a teen you may feel like the redheaded stepchild with the sparse young adult choices on the shelves.
    “The library is filled to the gills,” says Sequoyah Regional Library System Director Susan White. “The book space is absolutely packed. If we want to add new items we have to take something else out, and we need a room for our young adults.”

    White said the local library was actually too small when it was built in 1996 and now, with a larger population utilizing the facility, the need is even greater.
    “That building is 11,000 square feet,” White said, who then put the facility’s size into perspective.
    White said Gilmer’s library is 20,000 square feet, the R.T. Jones Library in Canton is 30,000 (including administrative offices); Ball Ground is 10,000; Hickory Flat is 10,000 and Rose Creek is 10,000.
    “And you have to remember that Ball Ground, Hickory Flat and Rose Creek serve smaller communities or cities,” White said. “The Pickens library is meant to serve the entire county.”
    White said plans for expansion, including architectural drawings, have been in place for some time now. Funding for the library expansion was even included in the voter-approved 2008 SPLOST, but because of the order SPLOST items are funded it is doubtful that money will be left after the courthouse renovation, debt payment and construction of the new Pickens County Community Center.
    “We are requesting $2 million locally and $2 million from the state,” White said, who noted that funding for the Pickens County Library is now number 19 on the state’s capital project list for libraries.
    “The state just funded three projects so we’ve moved up,” White said. “This is an ongoing list for library additions, renovations and new branches. We’re hopeful that this funding will come through.”
    The Pickens County Board of Commissioners is also considering the library as one item for the 2014 SPLOST, which is in the beginning stages of planning. 
    Visit the Pickens County Library website at www.sequoy


Raised in the south
+3 #1 Raised in the south 2013-04-17 12:15
I love our library, but even the selection of adult novels is sparse. Seems that many times the staff must order books from other locations. I am in hopes that a larger facility will offer a larger selection for all reading levels.
Putting Kids First
-1 #2 Putting Kids First 2013-04-23 15:45
How many novels do we need? After several failed attempts to get reference material for my daughters school projects from Pickens branch we visited the Canton facility. Canton is inviting, user friendly and full of new equipment and reference material. Do we REALLY need rows and rows of trashy romance novels or murder mystery books? The library should be a SUPER source of reference material that students can use to improve their education, so in my opinion these books are just taking up valuable space and wasting taxpayer money.
Robin Tondra
0 #3 Robin Tondra 2013-05-01 11:59
We need as many novels as we have people who want to read them. I have found the selection sparse for what I want to read but as long as people are reading - that's a good thing. People actually have to use their imagination.

They aren't taking up space because that space would be empty since the library needs money to buy other books. Many of those paperbacks are donated.

Research is most easily obtained by internet but you have to have the skill to search for it. Often there is a fee to access the data base. You also need the ability to separate a legitimate source from political nonsense while not getting distracted by ads and pop-ups and flashes of photos of celebrities.

There is a movement to close libraries because they are obsolete. They cost too much. They are even an entitlement according to some. Well a population who has no access to knowledge is a population that is easily controlled. We need as many computers and books we can get.

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