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Talking Rock water park resort discussed


    An indoor/outdoor water park, 400-room hotel and conference center is in the early stages of talks among developers, the county, and economic development council. 

     County officials recently heard plans for a proposed $130 million indoor/outdoor water park and 400-room resort hotel slated for Talking Rock, a development which could bring hundreds of jobs to the area.
    The tourism impact of this development would also completely change the face of Pickens County’s economy. However, the commissioner representing west Pickens said he has already heard serious concerns from his constituents.

     For comments from local leaders, including the economic developer, the west district commissioner and members of the economic development council see our print and online editions.



Rob Walter
-4 #41 Rob Walter 2014-06-20 17:38
What is the problem with you people complaining about the jobs. You probably are the type that are living off the government sitting on your big butt for your free ride. If you don't like the wages then don't apply. This is so typical. I feel sorry for people like you.
+3 #42 Biff 2014-06-23 11:55
Well, Rob, it comes down to a question of what type of jobs and what type of community (business and residential) we want to have here.

Short sighted planning that could lead to blight or longer term planning with more energy and focus on attracting businesses that might actually provide jobs with a FUTURE is a choice we are being faced with.

If your vision is limited to "well, let's take what we can get and damn the consequences", then I feel sorry for YOU.

Not to mention the fact that you (and others) are getting way ahead of the fact that this thing is far from being a certainty. It's not a given, and at this stage I am very skeptical it will ever happen. But from your post you appear to believe it is a "done deal" and that people questioning the quality of jobs that will (reality: *might*) be provided are just ingrates or leeches. You need to back up and take a good look at this thing and then revisit your opinion.

FYI, I'm not "the type that is living off the government". I have worked my entire life (30+ years).
-3 #43 Kristie 2014-06-25 14:05
I am a small business, and welcome all tourist. They spend $$$ and that is what is needed for our small businesses to survive. I thought this was going to be an indoor/outdoor resort. Which means tourist can come all year around. We will attract those who go to Blueridge and Ellijay to rent cabins and only spend $$ in Ellijay and Blueridge. So far, none of those tourist know Jasper even exist, but now they will. There will be no more traffic than you see on the 4th July or any other Holiday weekend. This is NOT Disney World, its a 700 acre resort. I'm sure Moto Mountain and Cherokee Ranch will welcome the tourist. Water Park horseback riding and ATV trails. A full week of fun! And I am sure Big Canoe rentals will also benefit. I say bring it on!
-4 #44 melissa 2014-06-25 20:43
I laugh at those saying "We don't want THOSE kind of jobs here." Hmmmm do you mean the food management, activities directors, Hotel management, Life Guards, Security Guards? Or are you thinking that the smaller groups of people like wait staff, janitorial are the only thing they will have?? Get over yourself people, any jobs are good jobs. Someone has to work the ticket counter, or the laundry. I know some think they are too good to work those positions but other people have their heads right and feet planted firmly on the ground and would be happy to work them.
0 #45 Biff 2014-06-29 04:18
You've got a point, Melissa, if we set our goals and standards low enough we can succeed. It's only a matter of managing expectations.

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