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Tractor Supply at old Blue Star?...and other Jasper news


     The old Blue Star building of East Church Street in Jasper. The building has been sitting empty for two years.

    At the most recent Jasper council meeting, Jasper Planning & Development Director Michael Castagna announced that the chain store Tractor Supply Co. has submitted site and renovation plans for the old Blue Star building on East Church Street.
    These plans must be approved by the city before further steps can be made by the agricultural supply store.

    “Probably in the next month you will begin seeing some action there,” Castagna said, who noted in a later interview that the business would bring additional traffic to the downtown area.

Lots of projects put extra wear on fleet, but city still within budget

    Despite the multitude of projects the city now has underway, which has caused vehicles and equipment to need costly repairs, Jasper Chief Finance Officer Tacie Williams reported that all departments are operating at or under the allowable budgeted amount.
    “We are working on getting our first reimbursement request for the park off of Hood Road, and closing out [Georgia Environmental Finance Authority] loans,” Williams said. “We’re busy, busy as far as projects go and I think that has a lot to do with why we’re having issues.”
    The city is now working on a 60-acre trail park off of Hood Road and is installing waterlines on Camp Road, as well as other smaller internal projects.
    “I’m shocked we’re at 25 percent because it seems like everything the city owns has broken,” Weaver said. “We’ve been breaking these things pretty regularly and it’s all been since January.”
    Weaver later added that the city is putting finishing touches on the Camp Road lines, and that in one week the old line located beneath Camp Road will be abandoned and services will be tapped onto the new line. 
“This will allow the county to pave Camp Road,” Weaver said, who also thanked the Pickens board of commissioners for sending crews out to assist with a small portion of the project.
“This down our time at least a couple of weeks on this project at no cost to the city,” Weaver said. “I always like to say that that’s the commissioner and the mayor working together.”
City casts a line for 28th Fishing Rodeo

    For the 28th consecutive year the City of Jasper has approved use of Cove Creek near the Cove Road mine for the annual Fishing Rodeo, to be held May 9, 10 and 11. 
    The Georgia Department of Natural Resources will stock Cove Creek with thousands of fish and the Pickens County Sportsman Club, who organizes the event, invites those with developmental disabilities, seniors and children to fish and enjoy complimentary food for the day.
    The City of Jasper allows the club to use the land free of charge for the three-day period.
 Thursday, May 9 and 10 will be reserved for the disabled and those in nursing homes, and Saturday, May 11 will be kid’s day.
     “We had a really good turnout last year,” said Jerry Steele of the Pickens County. “We had 1,100 and hopefully it will be bigger this year. We appreciate your help in cleaning the property and getting it ready for us.”
    Jasper Mayor John Weaver said city crews will move in a few weeks before the event to bush hog and ready the area.


+4 #1 Anita 2013-04-03 18:45
Great! We love Tractor Supply but such a chore to have to drive to Ellijay all the time. Would be good news to have it here. Woo hooo
-4 #2 SNR 2013-04-09 22:57
Horrible! What will this do to local stores like ACE, CARQUEST,BROCKS , and SHAW Supply?? Think Local! Save the integrity of local small business
+4 #3 Danny 2013-04-10 23:41
Great!! The more business we have downtown, the better for everyone. Now if we can just get another KFC or Churchs!
+2 #4 Anita 2013-04-11 07:41
Competition is always good.
0 #5 Michael 2013-04-12 00:08
Quoting Danny:
Great!! The more business we have downtown, the better for everyone. Now if we can just get another KFC or Churchs!

Here's my opinion: I think if they built another KFC in Jasper. It wouldnt last long. They had one in East Ellijay and that business closed down. Probably failed to keep with their competitors. And I never try Church's, but i dont think its worth it. I think they should have added something more exciting and fun like a theater, skating rink, or little shopping mall. Honestly, when Jasper rebuilt/upgrade d RaceTrac and Zaxby's from that fire incident. It was a good decision for the city, but I think it would have been a better move if we kept the old RaceTrac's and Zaxby's, and build the newer ones close to the Walmart along the highway.
+1 #6 Anita 2013-04-13 07:45
Perfect spot for a Dunkin Donuts: the old KFC building---plea se. I love DD
0 #7 Marty 2013-04-16 18:13
Perfect fit for old KFC store would be a Krystals. Love those lil heartburn bugers :)
Another would be a Checkers. Nothing like a purple onion burger from Checkers..
Last but not least...A Tastee Freeze..we need a Ice Cream place on this side of town.
+1 #8 Anita 2013-04-21 09:20
or A Brewster's..... ......mmmmmmm

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