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Schools looking to trim employee numbers


    Superintendent Ben Desper reported to the school board they are “in a perfect storm of worst case scenarios” with the next budget which could lead to 30 or more positions being eliminated across the system.
    Speaking during a March 21st finance workshop with a roomful of school system employees in attendance but few members of the public, Desper said the “perfect storm” results from rising costs, particularly with healthcare, and falling student numbers.

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+13 #1 Taxpayer 2013-03-27 12:12
I hope one of the positions is the legal help on salary, Why a system our size has a lawyer on salary is beyond me. And for those who think it's a potential savings look up what we have spent on legal issues the last couple of years.
+5 #2 Liusn 2013-04-01 19:52
I think the county needs to do the same - downsize

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