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VIDEO: Grand Jury given tour of courthouse


Follow this link for a video of the Grand Jury's tour of the courthouse.

     Last week a handful of the members of the incoming grand jury were given a tour of the Pickens County courthouse, which is in final stages of renovation and expected to be completed this spring.
    The general contractor’s project manager Gabriel Schultz and Pickens County Commission Chair Rob Jones guided the tour from the basement level

of the building where several prisoner holding cells and a monitoring station are now located, up three more levels to the top floor that houses judicial offices and three large courtrooms.  
    Between the beginning and end of the one-hour tour, members of the grand jury were shown key areas of structure, including the new probate and magistrate courts, juvenile courts, filing areas for county documents, the grand jury meeting room, and the main stairway that was being faced with Italian marble that day.
    Schultz explained that the building was slated to be inspected by the fire marshal earlier this week, and that following a thumbs up from him installation of the ceiling could begin.
    Schultz estimated that the lion’s share of the project should be completed by mid-April, excluding some work on the top level of the building that was held up due to bad weather.
    “It looks messy inside, but everything should go in quickly from here,” Schultz said.
    When the tour reached top level offices where giant windows overlook what will become a parking area for the courthouse, Jones said the city will gain 130 parking spaces because of the lot. Jones also said the county has plans to implement a trolley system to transport people up the hill to the building.
    To see an edited video of the tour and more comments from Jones and Schultz, visit our website at

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