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Sunday alcohol sales pass in county


The 5.84 percent of the voters in Pickens County who cast a ballot said yes to countywide sales of alcohol by the package by more than a two-to-one margin Tuesday and in early voting.

The totals for the alcohol sales were 692 yes to 328 against. See complete story later at this site.


Read previous coverage for more details on alcohol sales.


Charles O. Hendrix J
0 #1 Charles O. Hendrix J 2013-03-23 11:32
This was a smart thing for Pickens County residents to vote in favor of. People that drink alcohol are going to purchase it in Pickens county or out of Pickens County if they have to. It makes more sense to have them buy it here than go to another county given the budget concerns. Alcohol tax collected from sales will be received in the county instead of elsewhere. That is why I am one of the few that took the time to vote. Anyone that does not agree with the decision has nobody to blame but themselves. Get off your humps and vote. People complaining all the time about voter fraud and what is wrong with the government etc, but won't even get off their backside and vote when they have the chance to use their voice. Amazes me how many people complain but then do not vote.

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