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Hood Road park work underway



City of Jasper crews took advantage of the warmer and drier weather Friday to work on a new park in the Hood Road area north of downtown.

The city is using an industrial blower connected to the long metal tube (seen at the front of the pile) to pump air into the brush to make it burn hotter.

When the photo was taken, the city employees were just beginning work. Once the fire gets going, there should be little smoke as the constant flow of air makes the flames hotter and quickly gets rid of the moisture, which causes the heavy smoke.
Mayor John Weaver said the winds on Friday allowed them to burn as the smoke that was created blew back into the 62 acres of woodland for the park.


See complete story on the forthcoming park, "New Jasper park to be big on trees, trails" in this week's print and e-edition.


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