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Dog rescued from cheese ball jug later put down


    Even though this dog was rescued from the stuck cheese ball container, it had to be destroyed later due to aggressiveness.

Neighbors around Collins Road north of Jasper were surprised to see a large, male dog with a big jug stuck on his head walking around their streets last week.        
    City of Jasper Animal Control Officer Lonnie Waters was called in to help county animal control rescue the Rottweiler/Shepherd mix dog whose hunger got him into a mess when he got his head stuck inside a plastic jug that previously housed orange cheese balls.


    According to Waters, county officers tried to catch the stray dog, whose quick maneuvers kept him from getting help. 
    “He was very smart and could get away from you and he could see through that clear jug but he couldn’t eat or drink with it on his head,” Waters said. “People were trying to catch him but he kept eluding them.”
    Waters was offered a perch on a neighbor’s front porch and waited the dog out.
    “It was hilarious. He would run through the woods and not hit a tree limb. He looked like some kind of Martian or something moving through the woods. Everybody was laughing. It was sad but it was also so funny to watch him run through the woods. Finally I was able to dart him and got the jug off his head.”
    Waters said once the dog was subdued the cheese ball container slid off easily.
    “His neck hadn’t started swelling or anything so it just popped off when we put pressure on it. We were going to cut the jug but it just popped off real easy. It was quite an experience.”
    Waters transported the dog to county animal control. When contacted earlier this week, Deputy Joey Hancock said the dog had to be put down after being there five days because he was aggressive.
    “We worked with him for five days but every time we did anything with him we had to sedate him to work with him,” Hancock said.


+3 #1 tammy 2013-02-08 12:07
This is absured!! The dog manages to survive being trapped for days and then Deputy Joey Hancock KILLS him. WTH..dont you think you would be aggressive after having your head in a jug for days!! why not give him a chance or even call in a rescue.
0 #2 Brian 2013-02-09 14:11
The gloating filth at doghatersunite. com is having a field day with this story.
Bill White
0 #3 Bill White 2013-02-11 06:13
Can we "PUT DOWN" aggressive Gang bangers?
Jus sayin thats all!
+1 #4 Jaynie 2013-02-12 14:22
I feel that the dog should of had a longer time to beable to completly come to his senses - He was probablly very very confused after having his head in a bubble for days - Just think about the cituation the poor dog must have been in and not to give him at least a few weeks to show his appreciation , " yous put him down" I find that very upsetting .. AND to begin with I don't feel this dog put his own head in the jar- I bet someone did that as a prank and the dog frightened when it was done and ran AWAY ! I really think this dog of his size and intelligence
could have removed the jar by himself if he had put it on himself with his paws !
Somebody STUCK it on his head...
I'm sure if this incident would have been know to the public -instead of making it public after the dog is destroyed- someone would have stepped forward and taken this dog in ...My son has a shepperd/rot mix and he's the best family dog they could ever have ...This is totally un acceptable !!
+2 #5 Cliff 2013-02-12 14:29
You should have found out who did that to the dog- NOT think he was just hungry and he engulfed himself into the jar-it was probablly done by a real prankester and now the dog lost his life over it... Im sure Ide be very PO-ED if I had a jar around my head for days and couldn't eat or drink and some nut is trying to hurt me more - the dog was probablly thinking .. Just a real shame ..DOG SHOULD OF HAD A LITTLE MORE TIME TO PROVE HIMSELF TO YOU ....
+1 #6 Cliff 2013-02-12 14:34
0 #7 trudy 2013-02-27 00:31
I just saw this article earlier and it literally made me sick to my stomach!!! How cold and calous to put that poor dog down so soon, without seeing if someone just might want him/her via the paper. Makes you wonder how many more are put down within that time frame or sooner! The mentality of the ones that are suppose to be so much more superior and better than others. I within a two month period picked up two different dogs from abondoned homes where they were scared and starving and now they are two of the best loving healthy dogs you could ever want, and that is because they were given a chance. I guess when it is hard to give humans chances in life, why would anyone give an animal the chance. Apparently They need someone holding those job titles that likes their job, and that has a little compassion for life. And shame on all of you, that got a good laugh out of it. you all need to be fired!!!

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