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Local Filmmaker hits the ground running

Video for country music star, moves Shane Godfrey's work  to national audience




A one-man film crew, Shane Godfrey at work. He does all the filming himself and edits on his kitchen table. His first music video was considered CMT quality.

Filmmakers and artists are expected to toil undiscovered for years before they catch a big break.

   For Pickens County’s Shane Godfrey, a former grader, pipeline contractor and a current reserve deputy, his emergence to a national audience came quickly with a country music video this winter.

   Through a few lucky connections Godfrey, who owns and DJ’s at the teen club held at Jump Start, got the chance to shoot a video for A Single Woman, the latest release by Ronnie McDowell. McDowell may be familiar to longtime country fans with more than 30 Top 40 BillBoard hits on the country music charts; 11 that have reached the Top Ten and two have gone all the way to number one: Older Women and You’re Gonna Ruin My Bad Reputation.

   Prior to this video, Godfrey was mostly known locally for videos made under his XStream Videos company. Some of his previous work includes a promo for the Pickens Sheriff’s JeepFest last year and several public service announcements now playing on ETC’s local cable. 

   He is also known for a funny spoof called DUI Interrogation posted on Youtube. Ironically it was this video made for fun that lead to him getting the McDowell job. 

   Godfrey said on the day he arranged to meet McDowell at a radio station in Douglasville, he drove over by himself. He called ahead and heard someone from the radio station tell the country music star, “the film crew is on the way.”



Godfrey proved to be an effective one-man production crew, creating a storyline for the video, which tells of a single mom making it good, plus doing all the filming and editing. A Single Woman can be viewed at

  “I wanted the storyline to fit the song. I know there are plenty of single women with deadbeat guys,” Godfrey said. “I know this will speak to the women of America.” And his prediction is proving accurate with the video getting 4,000 views in the first four days of release online.



Shane Godrey (left) with country music star Ronnie McDowell. The Pickens filmmaker moved from local work to a national audience with the release of his video for McDowell’s A Single Lady with most of the shots set in Jasper.


The video mixes in footage of McDowell performing A Single Woman shot on railroad tracks in Douglasville and with parts of the story line shot around Jasper using three people that Godfrey knew for actors.

Sheriff Deputy Blake McFarland was cast as the deadbeat dad and Leah Siniard, a teller Godfrey knew from going to Community Bank of Pickens County, was cast as the mother – the Single Woman. Godfrey’s son is also used as the child in the video.

The shots around town, all easily identifiable on the video, include the Jasper duck pond park, Chattahoochee Tech, Jasper Elementary and Fatz Café. They also use a mobile home that Godfrey rented just for the shoot and a house in this area.

Godfrey did all the shots himself on a Cannon 5D camera and edited it on his kitchen table. He said the whole video took three and a half days.

McDowell reached earlier while snowed-in trying to get to a concert in North Carolina, said he was amazed at how quickly Godfrey worked and how professional the video turned out.

“He [Godfrey] called the next day with something for me to look at,” McDowell said. “I thought surely it’s not finished.”

McDowell said he had been a little hesitant to work with the unknown Godfrey but since a friend asked, he couldn’t say no. “It turned out to be the best video ever made of me. It looked like CMT (Country Music Television) quality. It’s as good as anything out there,” McDowell said.

Godfrey said McDowell will perform in Douglasville on March 16th and he hopes to take a lot of his friends there to see him in concert.


Next on the books for Godfrey is a documentary-styled film for Bartow County to show to high school students on the dangers of drinking and driving before their prom.

Godfrey said he didn’t make much for the McDowell video, but hopes it will serve as a launching pad for more music videos from Nashville artists.

Godfrey wasn’t a country music fan before, “but I’m listening to a lot more it now.”

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